/Huawei’s first foldable smartphone could launch in Nov this year

Huawei’s first foldable smartphone could launch in Nov this year


It seems like the arrival of the new foldable display tech is near! The latest buzz is that there is a new entry in the foldable smartphone race, as Chinese company Huawei is now expected to unveil one, pretty sooner than the other contenders.

According to a report by ETNews.com, Huawei is expected to bring its foldable smartphone to the stage in November this year.

While there is nothing about the Huawei smartphone available, the smartphone is likely to fold inwards and is likely to be made out of OLED display panel by LG.

The report further quotes Huawei stating, “We felt strongly that we would reverse the market dominance with the release of the folder button, which is more complete than Samsung Electronics,” said a participant in the Huawei folder blueprint development project. Unlike Samsung Electronics who is deeply concerned about UX, After reviewing various opinions, I would like to reflect this.

Additionally, it still remains unknown whether or not Huawei will announce the foldable smartphone first and make it available after a span of time.

To recall, South Korean company Samsung, which has been in the race since almost two years, is expected to deliver its foldable device next year.

However, the aforementioned is just a rumour and its authenticity can’t be confirmed. If the rumour turns out to be true, Huawei will grab the ‘world’s first foldable smartphone maker’ title, winning the race against Samsung, Apple, and LG too.

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