HARMAN introduces JBL 3 Series MkII Studio Monitors in India


Samsung-owned audio accessories producer HARMAN Professional has launched a new range of JBL 3 series MkII studio monitors at this year’s PALM Expo in India.

In addition to this, popular Indo-Canadian singer and performing artist, Jonita Gandhi and percussionist, composer Taufiq Qureshi have been signed up as the newest brand ambassadors for HARMAN’s India division.

The new monitors offer the professionals the consistent performance and balance every detail for an immersive sound experience.


The new JBL 3 series Mkll Studio monitors are available in three different model options:

  • The 5″ 305P MkII offers a remarkable sound and is perfect for smaller workspaces.
  • The 6″ 306P MkII is perfect if you need even more volume and bass response while maintaining a compact footprint.
  • The 8″ 308P MkII is the largest and most powerful of the three models in the series, offering impressive low end, high output and excellent dynamic range.

Furthermore, as part of the Palm Expo, HARMAN Professional India also hosts the three-day live music show, ‘The HARMAN Live Arena’.

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