Google’s powerful “clips” camera is now available in Play Store

The clip-on camera itself automatically adjusts its resolution according to the situation and has a 130-degree lens to fit more of the scene in the frame

Finally, Google’s most innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled “Clips” camera is now available for sale the Google Play Store. The AI feature in the camera helps it to find out when it should click an image or record a video.

Google Clips is a tiny clips-on camera unveiled by Google on on 4 October, 2017, which was the introduced for sale on January 27, 2018. With a flashing LED that indicates it’s recording, Google Clips automatically captures video clips at moments its machine learning algorithms determined to be interesting or relevant.

It has a built-in 16 GB Storage and can record clips for up to 3 hours. This Camera is priced at 249$ in United States. Nonetheless, this small clip-on camera will not be available for the users instantly.

“Choosing the fastest expedited shipping option will deliver the device by February 27,” 9to5Google reported on Saturday. “The camera leverages “Moment IQ” – an onboard and offline Machine Learning model – and a Visual Processing Unit to automatically capture meaningful images by recognising the right expressions, lighting and framing,” the report added.

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