Google Pay now allows you to transfer money to others and more

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Google’s own payments app- Google Pay has received a new update which now allows users to perform more functions using it.

Google, in a blog post said, “When we launched Google Pay, our goal was to make it easier to pay in stores with your phone and online using the payment methods saved to your Google Account. In the past few months, we’ve made this possible by bringing fast, simple checkout to more devices, browsers, and services. Today, we’re starting to roll out updates that will let you do even more with Google Pay. Here’s a look at what’s new.

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To start with, Google Pay now allows users to send or receive money. However, the feature will be available currently for the users in the US and will eventually roll out to the UK.

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Google Pay can now be helpful to store tickets and concert passes in case the users forget to carry them. The saved tickets, boarding passes and more will be housed in the Passes tab once the users save them.

Additionally, the users will be able to manage his or her payments on Google Pay and have everything synced with his or her Google accounts.

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