Google Earth now measures areas and distances for you


Google Earth has received a new update, bringing in a new feature which will support the ability to measure distances and areas of anything you want to measure in particular.

Google, via a blog post said, “Ever wonder how far your hometown is from the North Pole? Or maybe, you simply want to measure the length of that hike you just finished. One of the most requested features for Google Earth is the ability to measure distance and areas. So today, we’re adding a Measure Tool.”

google earth


The new Measure Tool will measure the area of the any place you wish to know about. You can know of the distance between various places which is not only limited to your neighboring places.

For those who don’t know, Google Earth allows you to view places in 3D for a better view of things right from your computer or smartphone.

The new Measure Tool is now available for Chrome and Android users and will eventually roll out to the iOS users.

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