Google rolls out Google Assistant app on iPads

Google, Google Assistant

Google has now confirmed the availability of Google Assistant as an app on iPads via its official blog post on Tuesday. The Google virtual assistant is well-known for powering Google Home mini speakers and Google Home.

Unleashed in last May, Google Assistant was already available as an iPhone app. This new updated app for iPad is truly exceptional for bigger screens, says Google. It also has support for landscape and portrait mode.

Here are some highlights of how the Assistant can help on your iPad while you’re hanging around the house:

  • Set the mood by having the Assistant “dim the lights”
  • Cast to your TV by asking the Assistant to “watch the latest news on the living room TV”
  • Stay in touch by asking the Assistant to “video call mom” or “text Lauren”
  • Keep up with your chores by asking the Assistant to “remind me to take out the recycling at 8 PM”

This new iPad version also supports iOS 11’s multitasking mode, which permits it to operate simultaneously with other apps on Apple’s tablet. Its biggest competitor, Amazon Alexa is also available on the iPad via Amazon website and very soon it will be also available through the Alexa app on iOS.

The app is now already available on App store and will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

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