Google announces changes for Google Account for better control

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Google has introduced a couple of new features for the whole improved Google Account experience for the users.

Google, in a blog post said, “Seven years ago, we brought our privacy and security settings together in one place to make it easier for you to choose the options that are right for you. Billions of people have now visited their Google Account and over 20 million people do so every day. Today, we’re announcing an improved Google Account experience.

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Google has added several new features to the users’ Google Accounts which includes the new search functionality which will allow users to look for information and settings on his or her account with great ease.  There is now a new support section which will help users seek answers to queries about common tasks such s upgrading your account storage, and get answers from community experts.

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Google has paid attention to privacy and security by adding a Data & Personalization tab for activity controls and the Privacy Checkup section which will help users review his or her privacy settings, along with suggestions to further improve his or her privacy.



The new Google Account experience is now available  for all Android users and will launch on iOS and web later this year.

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