Facebook to launch 15-inch Aloha and Fiona codenamed smart speakers soon


The global social networking firm Facebook is now joining the lineup of smart speakers like its rivals Google and Amazon. Reports surfaced that it is testing two new smart speakers with codename Fiona and Aloha that would sport 15-inch laptop-sized touchscreen helping people to communicate with their cohorts through video chat.

It is speculated that Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company Pegatron will assemble the devices. For offering state-of-the-art music experience, Facebook is said to have signed an agreement with Universal music and Sony to meet the same. This large display will throw a tough competition to Amazon’s best selling Echo model, the Amazon Echo Show, which is equipped with a 7-inch display.

According to some industry experts, the smart speaker codenamed Aloha will retail as the Portal, claims PhoneArena and will have more social media option compared to Fiona codenamed device. Above the unit, Aloha will also feature facial recognition through the use of a wide-angle camera. Most importantly, this feature will help Facebook users to quickly sign-in their account without typing the username and password.

Smart speakers have gained huge traction in the world of consumer technology. Back in 2015, Amazon is the first company to unleash the globe’s first virtual-assistant enabled smart speakers, dubbed as Amazon Echo. Backed by virtual assistant and a speaker, the smart speaker is useful to people to control stream music, order food, make calls, send messages, get sports scores, listen to the news/weather etc.

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