DoT approves net neutrality rules, signs new telecom policy

net neutrality

Following the recommendations proposed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) last year, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has now approved the net neutrality rules.

Furthering the vision of open internet data, the new net neutrality rules adopted will prevent the Internet service providers (ISPs) from engaging in “any form of discrimination or interference” with data.

Additionally, the ISPs cannot indulge in acts of “blocking, degrading, slowing down or granting preferential speeds or treatment to any content”.

Several net neutrality rules, the new telecom policy, and other proposals were approved by the Telecom Commission, which is the highest decision-making body within DoT.

Telecom secretary, Aruna Sundararajan said, “The TC today approved net neutrality as recommended by TRAI. Now the licence agreements (with service providers) will be immediately amended and will be subject to principles of net neutrality.

However, the net neutrality rules do not apply on exempted services, compared to an ambulance which is allowed to bypass traffic rules.

Furthermore, Cellular Operation Association of India (COAI) expressed concerns over traffic prioritisation and 5G innovation.

The new telecom policy- to Cabinet for final approval will go to Cabinet for final approval.


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