Private and government schools will now be furnished with “digital boards”

Digital India

According to National Council For Teacher Education rules all untrained teachers will be terminated by March 31st, 2019

The Union government’s new “Digital India” scheme will now connect all the Indian schools with “digital boards”. As of now, 25 Kendriya Vidyalayas under a pilot project to meet the same, said, Union minister Upendra Kushwaha, Minister of State for Human Resource Development.

In a recent Government joint session, the Central Advisory Board of Education has permitted the initiative and during the initial phase, all schools will be furnished with cutting-edge “smart boards”.

The campaign will replicate the blackboard campaign ran by the government across the country 60 years ago. The Union Minister also stated that this costly initiative will be carried out successfully with the state and central government’s alliance with local municipal authorities, approval from corporate social responsibility (CSR) and funds will be allocated through public participation.

The minister said, “Tablets have been provided to the 25 schools where the project has been launched under Operation Digital Blackboard.” Students will be taught on “digital boards” once classrooms are equipped with them, and they can also directly connect themselves with Internet, television and book.

Currently, there are almost 14 lakh digitally untrained teachers in the nation and a new amendment from National Council For Teacher Education rules states that there cannot be any untrained teachers in government and private schools. My March 31st 2019, all untrained teachers will be terminated.

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