/Customers now can avail mobile portability at just Rs 4; says TRAI

Customers now can avail mobile portability at just Rs 4; says TRAI

Ahead of the union budget 2018, Telecom’s regulatory body TRAI has announced to reduce the charge of mobile port to almost 79%, which implies that customers can now avail mobile portability at just Rs 4. Earlier, the price of mobile portability was Rs 19.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in a statement directed the reduction in “per port transaction charge of Rs 19 to Rs 4 for each successful porting”.

“…the ceiling of charges leviable from subscriber stands automatically reduced to Rs 4. However, recipient operators are free to charge a lesser amount from the subscriber for Mobile Number Portability,” it said.

Put simply, the Mobile Number Portability or MNP allows telecom subscribers to retain their existing mobile number, even when they shift to another operator. Trai had initiated a consultation process to review MNP charges in mid-December, and followed it up with an open house discussion on the issue on January 16.

“After taking into consideration the comments received from stakeholders during consultation process and other relevant facts, the authority has decided that the per port transaction charge may be reduced as the costs of operations of Mobile Number Portability Service Providers (MNPSPs) have substantially gone down and the volume of MNP traffic has increased,” Trai said.

The new charges will come into force from the date of notification in the official gazette, Trai said.

The review of the rates was initiated as the regulator felt that considering the upsurge in the volume of porting requests (with effect from July 2015) and the financial results of both the mobile number portability service providers (MNPSPs), the ceiling of Rs 19 is “quite high” when compared to cost and volumes of transaction involved.

Source: PTI; Economic Times

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