ARM announces new Mali-G52 and Mali G-31 GPUs

arm processor

ARM has introduced two new GPUs- the Mali-G52 GPU which is a mid-range one and the Mali-G31 which falls in the entry-level category. Both the GPUs have the power of machine learning and augmented reality as their highlights.

The Mali-G52 GPU provides 30 per cent better performance density than its predecessor and comes with twice the number of lanes per execution engine as compared to the Mali-G51. It comes with DynamIQ CPU configuration of one Cortex-A75 and seven Cortex-A55s for enhanced performance. Additionally, the Mali-G52 GPU is 15 per cent more power efficient.

The entry-level Mali-G31 is touted to be the smallest processor to be able to support not only OpenGL ES 3.2. It comes with quality as well as quantity improvements.


Additionally, ARM has unveiled the Mali-D51 and the Mali-V52 which are mainly the multimedia processors. The Mali-D51 is claimed to be the first Mali processor to come with Komeda display architecture, can provide 4K videos at 60fps, and comes with 50 per cent better memory latency.

The Mali-V52 is up to 40 per cent smaller than its predecessor and much like the Mali-D51, it can also provide 4K videos at 60fps. Additionally, it has 20 per cent encode quality uplift.

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