Apple could soon introduce curved displays and gesture controls


Bringing out innovations for the tech world, Cupertino tech giant Apple introduced the iPhone X. Furthering its aim, the company is now expected to introduce more display technologies for its future iterations.

Curve in the iPhone?

According to a report by The Bloomberg, Apple is expected to introduce curved OLED displays (sounds familiar?) instead of the flat ones it is currently using. However, unlike the ones found on Samsung phones, the ones by Apple will be curved inwards from top to bottom, which in the former’s case is curved just on the edges.

Additionally, Apple is expected to adopt the new display tech, dubbed microLED (which we might see four or five years down the lane), ditching the OLED display panel it recently grasped. This might lead to the reduction of Apple’s dependency on Samsung for display panels.

Bring it closer to perform better!

Another tech by Apple which is expected to make its entry in a year or two is a gesture control feature which will allow users to perform certain tasks by simply bringing the fingers closer to the display and not by actually touching it (certainly different from the HTC Edge Squeeze feature which performs tasks by tapping the edges of the smartphone).

To recall, Apple, with the iPhone 6s introduced the 3D Touch- a pressure-sensitive feature which enhances the accessibility of various apps by simply applying different levels of pressure on the display. For instance, long-pressing the Photos app pops up a menu for a user to perform functions without opening up the app.

Both pieces of tech are still in the early research and development stage. However, there is nothing concrete on whether or not the aforementioned technologies will see the light of the day.

We keep our fingers crossed to get to see such features in the near future. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned to My Mobile.

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