/Apple to rebuild its popular Maps app with new features

Apple to rebuild its popular Maps app with new features

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Reports surfaced that Apple is said to have working on rebuilding its most popular mapping app for its iPhones with its own dataset.  But, the global navigation and mapping firm TomTom will still continue to be the major data provider for Apple’s maps app.

An Apple spokesperson said the most popular iPhone app; the Maps app will be created from the beginning with new features. It will be done with unidentified data from iPhone users who shares their data willingly and by its own sensor-furnished vans. The company also stated it will start the rollout this fall with new maps of Northern California.

Apple SVP Eddy Cue said to TechCrunch, “Since we introduced this six years ago – we won’t rehash all the issues we’ve had when we introduced it – we’ve done a huge investment in getting the map up to par. When we launched, a lot of it was all about directions and getting to a certain place. Finding the place and getting directions to that place. We’ve done a huge investment of making millions of changes, adding millions of locations, updating the map and changing the map more frequently. All of those things over the past six years.”

“We wanted to take this to the next level. We have been working on trying to create what we hope is going to be the best map app in the world, taking it to the next step. That is building all of our own map data from the ground up.””We don’t think there’s anybody doing this level of work that we’re doing,” elaborated Cue. “We haven’t announced this. We haven’t told anybody about this. It’s one of those things that we’ve been able to keep pretty much a secret. Nobody really knows about it. We’re excited to get it out there. Over the next year, we’ll be rolling it out, section by section in the US,” added Cu.

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