Apple’s silicone membrane to protect MacBook keyboard from dust particles

Apple, MacBook

A new report of iFixit now claims that Apple has now finally solved the troubles of MacBook Keyboard with a new design and technology. Of late, the company has updated its MacBook Pro series that is equipped with quieter keyboard and Intel’s 8th-generation Core chipsets.

The biggest trouble in the previous MacBook series is that keyboards are often loaded with huge amount of dust particles. To meet the requirement of the user, the company has recently commenced a repair program, but its users are still unsatisfied with the service.

Apple has added a new silicone membrane beneath each key, which will help to keep away dust particles from entering the keyboard. The new technology was showcased when iFixit displayed the new 15-inch MacBook Pro keyboard.

Back in March this year, Apple published a patent that displayed various methods of keeping away dust from the entering the keyboard. The method portrayed utilizing a “guard structure extending from the key cap.”

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