Amazon’s website, mobile app crashes during the first day of Prime Day sale

Amazon, Prime Day sale

A massive pandemonium has been generated among the Amazon users when its website crashed during the starting day of Prime Day sale. The Prime Day sale has become very popular among the global users where the company offers scores of discounts, offers, and deals on variety of products.

As soon as the sale commenced at 3PM on Monday the website and the mobile app instantly crashed for 45 minutes. The message on the mobile app mentioned, “Something went wrong on our end and we are trying to fix the problem soon.”

Neil Saunders, managing director of research firm GlobalData Retail said to CNBC, “There is no doubt that this will erode sales and deter some customers from buying. The outage is especially problematic as many of Amazon’s Prime deals are promoted for a set window of time – something that could cause a great deal of frustration for potential customers.”

The website crashed on the US and other parts of the world too. Reports claim that the errors happened on both mobile app and in the official website. Users noticed an error page with the image of “dogs of Amazon”. Users complained that “Shop all deals” and “deals” had vanished from the website and even people fail to complete purchases during the final checkout.

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