Sound One announces discounts on its earphones via Amazon

Sound One

Celebrations continue for Sound One customers. Amazon is hosting a sale on March 11 and offering discounts on Sound One Earphones, Headphones and Bluetooth speakers.  Sound One is a Hong Kong based company and pioneer in portable audio device providing solutions to professional audio and wireless communication. The recently launched Sound One Beast Bluetooth speaker will be priced at Rs.1890.

Product MRP Discounted Price Discount IN %
Sound One 007 Plus Earphones With Mic (3 Color Variants) 899 499 44
Sound One 616  Earphones With Mic (3 Color Variants) 799 399 50
Sound One Bt-06 Bluetooth Headphones With Mic (4 Color Variants) 3490 1590 54
Sound One V6BTL Bluetooth Headphones With Mic 4990 1990 60
Sound One V8 Bluetooth Headphones With Mic 3990 1890 53
Sound One E10 Earphones With Mic (2 Color Variants) 1199 449 63
Sound One Beast Bluetooth Speaker 3990 1890 53

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