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If you are a movie enthusiast, then you will either rush to the theatre as soon as the film is released, or wait until OTT sites like Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, or any other similar sites have the movies they want to watch on their page. However, we must pay for all of these options either up front or on a monthly subscription basis. In the absence of that, we must wait until it airs on television. You no longer have to look for a Bollywood movie download website or wait for it to air on TV.  There are some sites that will let you watch movies for free.

In order to make it convenient for you to watch these movies, we’ve listed the top 10 Bollywood movie download websites in this article. These websites offer free online Bollywood movie downloads for all genres, including comedy, romance, action, and thriller films.

Mp4 Mobile Movies

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

Movie lovers can download Bollywood movies from this website in a variety of resolutions. This is very popular among them. You can easily download any movie from the provided list. You are not required to download any software or tools in order to download. Bollywood movies can be downloaded for free from the Mp4 Mobile Movies website. On this website, in addition to Bollywood movies, you can also find all different kinds of well-known English TV shows. We sincerely hope that this website does not let you down and will unquestionably assist you in completing your task.


Download Bollywood Movies For Free

Not to mention, MovieSpur is a fantastic website where users can download Bollywood films. You can search for all the movies based on their genre, release year, and category. One of the best options for users and also one of the most well-known is MovieSpur. Each movie’s title also includes a link that can be clicked to begin the download process. Anyone who is a big fan of Bollywood or Hollywood will love using this website to complete their task.


Download Bollywood Movies For Free

For free Bollywood movie downloads, YTS is actually a really cool website. Because this website only allows users to download torrent files, it poses a security risk to those who want to conceal their IP address or other private information. The only advertisement you will see is for a VPN provider. Not only Hindi movies but also excellent works from other nations are available for download. You will undoubtedly be able to watch the newest movies offline on your computer for free once you learn the tricks of how to play on this website.

Mobile Movies

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

This website offers free Bollywood movie downloads online, and it also has a mobile version that is primarily for mobile users. Your favourite movies can be found on this website, which has been serving its users for many years. Using this website, it is very simple to find any movie, regardless of how recent it is. Other users upload the movie links and content quite frequently. Therefore, if you can’t find the download link for your preferred movie, don’t be discouraged because another user will eventually add it.

Mobile Movies HD

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

This website’s name makes it sound like it will provide some mind-blowing movies in UHD resolution. Since downloading Bollywood movies from this top website is free for everyone, it is very well-liked by users. In addition to Hindi and English, the movies on this website are also available in other languages like Tamil, Kannada, etc. You can undoubtedly enjoy your favourite films and genres in your preferred language thanks to the wide and extensive collection of films. The list displays the movies according to category. To download the corresponding movie, simply click on the link that is provided in front of each title.

HD Movies Maza

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

Although the graphic user interface of this website is not particularly appealing or attractive, it will still be simple to download Bollywood movies using this top website. The website may appear ordinary at first glance, but users prefer it because it has high-quality resolution movies and videos. You will undoubtedly feel that you have found the ideal location to carry out your task after visiting HD Movies Maza. This website doesn’t contain annoying advertisements or backlinks, so you won’t be bothered by them.


Download Bollywood Movies For Free

Many film enthusiasts are drawn to KatMovie’s user interface. When you visit its homepage, it’s easy to assume that it has a sizable library of excellent Bollywood and international films. People can immediately tell if they should look further or consider other options based on the tags of time and rate. The majority of the films on this website can be directly downloaded as a video file or a torrent file. While downloading free movies, however, there will inevitably be advertisements, so it may take a few clicks and attempts before the downloading is complete.

My Download Tube

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

This free website appears to be quite orderly and clean at first glance, despite having sponsored content on each page. There won’t be any obvious advertisements. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of movies in different genres, such as Bollywood, Hollywood, animation, and Arabic films. The collection of Bollywood films spans a large time period, from the 1990s to the year 2020. Most importantly, downloading Bollywood movies from this website works. The movies are hosted on, so you must register an account there. However, the user account only permits a 14-day free trial. If you’re willing to sign up for new accounts every six weeks, it’s a good option for short-term or occasional use.



Users who want to download Bollywood movies for free frequently use ClubMp4, another popular category of the website. The main disadvantage of this website is that all of the movies are uploaded by other users to ClubMp4, so every time you want to download a movie, you have to make sure it’s still there. Alternatively, you can manually search for the movie using the search box. Following the discovery of the preferred movie’s link, you can begin downloading the film on either your computer or mobile device. The fact that this website is still supported by the 2G network is its biggest plus point. Users can therefore complete their task without utilising the 3G or 4G networks.



Download Bollywood Movies For Free

One of the most popular websites for downloading free Bollywood movies is Worldfree4u. All of the newest Indian Bollywood films are available for download or online viewing on this website. You will almost certainly always find the desired movies because there are many categories and entries on the homepage. You should exercise caution when using the site’s advertisements, which are the primary means by which these free websites generate income. It is not really necessary to experiment with other options once you get the hang of using this website without being disturbed.

Bolly4U website

This new Bollywood movies download site offers similar information to the previous one, including the movie’s genre, director, stars, synopsis, etc. The difference is that its web page is very attractive. Numerous categories, including TV series, TV shows, Bollywood movies, Punjabi movies, and many more, are displayed on the homepage. There are also some movie screenshots and various resolution options in the movie interface that we want to download.

MP4moviez site

Download Bollywood Movies For Free

On the Mp4moviez website, along with the title of the film, you can find some basic details about it, including its genre, release date, cast, director, rating, and so forth. However, the page layout is disorganised, making it difficult to find the download button. Even worse, after clicking on some movies that appear to be available for download, all we get are trailers.


Download Bollywood Movies For Free

It can also be referred to as a site where you can download 90s Bollywood films. . You can find both the newest movies and classic movies on this website because it has a wide selection of both. The website’s colour scheme is very erratic, and the layout is unfriendly, but that is not its biggest drawback. Additionally, the website loads more slowly than similar products do, and after clicking the download button, there is frequently a long delay before anything happens.


You only need to click on your preferred Bollywood film from the vast selection of films offered by Khatrimaza. Then, you can either watch the movie in high definition exclusively online or download it using one of the links provided below the movie page. The download process on this website for HD Bollywood movies is convoluted and involves numerous steps, which is a disadvantage.


Download Bollywood Movies For Free

Visit Snaptube if you want to find a website where you can download free Bollywood movies. The app was only released in 2014, but due to its incredibly effective operation, it has already amassed enormous popularity. If you like a movie on another platform but are unsure how to download it, you can paste the sharing link into Snaptube’s search bar to get the movie. Additionally, you can type in keywords like “Bollywood Movies.” You can watch and download as many high-quality movies as you want without having to create an account.

  • You can easily get what you want with Snaptube because it supports a variety of video platforms.
  • Without even requiring you to register or log in, Snaptube is completely free.
  • There are no restrictions when downloading, and multiple downloads can be done simultaneously.
  • Download a new Bollywood movie in 720p or 480p; various file formats are supported.

We have described Snaptube’s operation because it is the best resource for downloading free Bollywood movies. The steps below will help you download Bollywood movies to your phone.

Step 1: Download and Install Snaptube on Your Android Device

Start by downloading the Snaptube app. Within a few minutes, one can download the app from the website. Pull down your notification bar and start the app on your Android phone after the APK file has finished downloading.

Step 2: Look for Bollywood films

Your favourite Bollywood films can be directly searched for in the search bar. In fact, this app lets you search for movies in Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and other Indian languages.

Step 3: Download Bollywood movies to Your Phone

You can easily click on a movie to download it to your phone after searching for your favourite titles. There are various resolutions offered, and there are no sign-up requirements, so you can choose your preferred one. You don’t even need to be concerned about the security of your Android device since the app is completely safe to use.

Install Snaptube right away and download as many Bollywood movies as you’d like if you also want to download movies from Bollywood with such ease.

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