/“OnePlus is providing a technological and design experience that is premium and future-ready”

“OnePlus is providing a technological and design experience that is premium and future-ready”

Vikas Agarwal

OnePlus, which is about to launch its new flagship smartphone, OnePlus 6 on May 17, relies on bringing most relevant features to the consumers that are innovative and future ready, feels Vikas Agarwal, General Manager at OnePlus India.He interacted with Haider Ali Khan prior to this launch event in India and shared about OnePluspositioning and plans for the market. Excerpts:

OnePlus continues to dominate the above 29K category with OnePlus 3T and 5T in India and as per the reports OnePlus 6 will also be in the same price bracket. Do you feel comfortable in that segment or OnePlus does not want to eat into Oppo’s and Vivo’s market share?

At OnePlus, we are conscious about our product’s position in the market as a premium flagship smartphone. We have been consistently committed to providing users with a truly ‘burden-less’ experience. Creating a premium smartphone for our loyal community of users will always remain at the core of what we do. We don’t directly correlate premium-ness to price, hence when we create a new product, we do not do it with a price point in mind. Instead, we focus on bringing the most relevant features to our customers; features that are innovative and future-ready.

OnePlus has been one of the hot selling smartphones in India. What are the ingredients which makes it a suitable choice for the Indian buyers?

Since its origin, OnePlus has constantly strived to create a product that offers consumers an optimum device that ensures they never have to compromise on performance, quality and price. When we started OnePlus, we wanted to create a phone we ourselves would want to use. To achieve this, we have had to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to deliver the best end-user experience on a day-to-day basis for our consumers. That, for us is the essence of ‘Never Settle’.

With the philosophy of creating designs in line with users’ feedback, we strongly believe in creating a balance between great design and innovative technology for a seamless consumer experience. However, we also believe in using technology judiciously, introducing new features as and when it makes sense for our community and existing retaining features that are deeply associated with the brand.

Another key ingredient is our relentless aim to provide our users with a truly ‘burden-less’ experience. When we say ‘burden-less’, we don’t just mean faster download speeds but a consistent experience that is relaxing, efficient and unrestricted, throughout the life cycle of the product.

Most of all, our key goal has been to provide our Indian users with a technological and design experience that is premium, future-ready, seamless and in sync with their needs.

Will you continue with your ‘One Product a Year’ strategy apart from the variant and why is it so?

OnePlus believes in bringing the best flagship experience to our consumers with the best technological offerings at a highly competitive price. In order to be able to deliver the highest quality device to our consumers, we focus our energies towards working on a single, complete product each year.

OnePlus Marvel Studios

Now the industry has set new standards; the 19:9 aspect ratio with notch and more than 6 inches of display, that is there in the OnePlus 6 as well, I believe. Apart from that we do not see much innovation. What does OnePlus has to differentiate itself from others?

OnePlus revolves around a very simple ideology, around believing that great products raise people’s living standards and spread happiness. We strive to bring the latest and most relevant technology back to our community by constantly innovating and challenging the conventional concepts of technology. Our ears are constantly open to our biggest fans and biggest critics, the OnePlus community. Bringing them the technology that they need at a certain point in time and retaining the technology that they love is the key to our philosophy of ‘Never Settle’. It’s all about striking the right balance. That’s our USP.

Does competition bother you in the Indian context where majority buyers are very price conscious?

At OnePlus, we do not focus on competition. Our focus lies in bringing the best possible user experience to our community of loyal users. However, if you consider industry reports by IDC and Counterpoint Research, the numbers show immense growth over the last year in comparison. We are grateful to our community for continuing to believe in us and helping put us in the big leagues with well-established brands such as Apple and Samsung in a short span of 3 years in a hyper-competitive space.

What has been the outcome of OnePlus Offline Experience Stores till now?

Experience stores are a premium setup wholly managed by OnePlus in India. January 2017 marked the launch of the first-ever OnePlus experience store in Bangalore, India. This store allowed consumers to fully experience the touch and feel of the phone before purchase. The success of this store format is evident from the spike that OnePlus saw in offline sales in the region. The company is now looking to open experience stores in Delhi and Mumbai. OnePlus will also soon setup authorized brand stores in markets like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

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