/Toshiyuki Yoshikawa, Managing Director, Pioneer India

Toshiyuki Yoshikawa, Managing Director, Pioneer India

Toshiyuki Yoshikawa
“Our basic idea was to use the smartphone’s display in sync with the audio system”

If you love listening to music while driving and cautious about your safety, you have a reason to rejoice now! Pioneer India has launched its new Smart Sync system which aims at providing all smartphone connectivity in one app. Toshiyuki Yoshikawa, the Managing Director of Pioneer India, delves deep into the in-car infotainment system, its technology and responses in the market, in a conversation with Ramesh Kumar Raja. Excerpts:

With smartphones becoming a key thing in our life, how is Pioneer leveraging this trend in car infotainment?

Pioneer India has launched a smart car infotainment system known as Pioneer Smart Sync SPH C19BT. It is designed for catering to the needs and choices of Indian masses, especially families who enjoy long drives and prefer own transport over public transport. Its hiend features and easy connectivity would make the driving focused, entertaining, and convenient even during the night journeys. The basic idea was to use the smartphone’s display in sync with the audio system. The audio settings allow the user to easily customise equaliser, crossover, time alignment and live simulation. The Pioneer Smart Sync SPH C19BT is a perfect in-car infotainment system, which makes driving safer by simplifying calling, music, navigation, and messaging.

Pioneer India

How does this technology work and how it’s helpful while driving?

The Smart Sync App can be easily synced to the phone through Bluetooth, allowing the user to activate the driving mode of the system, ensuring smart and safe driving experience. It allows the user to call, message, navigate and play music with one touch on their mobile phone, serving as the Head Unit with Cradle. The system comes equipped with another feature called Impact Detection, which enables the user to send an automated message to the selected contact if the car detects any hit.

How has been its acceptance and feedback in India and abroad?

PSS has received great responses from users in India and abroad. However, we will keep improving the product and soon introduce an enhanced version with the help of our R&D and user feedback.

The Pioneer Smart Sync app is the centre of activity in the infotainment system. How user-friendly is this app? What has been its response on Google Play and App Store?

I think it’s a brilliant product catering to the evolving world of car infotainment. The smart and safety features are an add-on to safe driving that offers both information and entertainment to the user. The app is truly user-friendly and effortless to operate. You can easily have access to it on the Google Play Store. These amazing features have made this product successful in the market, and hence we received great responses from the audience.

How do you look at India as a market in implementing these technologies? What is your strategy in this regard?

The car infotainment system has become a necessity for both drivers and travellers. From just a music player, it has now become a great information provider. The future will see more such cutting-edge touch screen infotainment systems, and we will always be committed to innovate and introduce newer in-car infotainment experiences to our users and thus stand unique in our offerings when demands of such products rise in the future.

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