/TL Lee, General Manager, WCB, MediaTek speaks about Helio P70 chipset’s

TL Lee, General Manager, WCB, MediaTek speaks about Helio P70 chipset’s

MediaTek, Helio P70

The Taiwan based global fabless semiconductor manufacturing firm MediaTek creates innovative chipset technology for Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD), Android tablets, feature phones, Optical and Blu-ray DVD players. The company is now known for advances in multimedia, AI and expertise delivering the most power possible – when and where needed. Chipsets based on advanced AI is the key area the company is working on for past one year and recently, it unleashed Helio P70 chipset that brings Advanced AI, Premium Upgrades to Mid-Range Devices.

We spoke to TL Lee, General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication business about MediaTek’s plan to showcase innovative technology and how the latest Helio P70 is going to be the most advanced AI enabled chipset in the market.

Currently, MediaTek focus only on entry level platform Smartphones. Are there any plans to integrate the company with premium or flagship handsets?

So far in 2018, we are doing our best, but we plan to move out to a simpler vision of bringing fantastic technology to more Indian People and take care of their needs, which is also our priority rather than focusing on flagship devices. We would give the latest and innovative technology to the entry-level and mid-range handsets so that every people in India can enjoy the latest technology at an affordable price.

What are the biggest Challenges Semiconductor Industries are facing and how is MediaTek addressing those challenges?

The two big demands 5G and AI are the biggest challenges, we need to prepare and get 5G technology before Network Telecom Operators do and we focus not only on building processors, but also more and more AI application developers that is why we collaborate with tech giants like Google.

Helio P70

What are the core advantage of Helio P70 and how it is going to be a game changer in the market?

With an enhanced AI engine that works seamlessly across the CPU and GPU, Helio P70 delivers much faster performance for AI applications and is still highly power efficient. The introduction of Helio P70 continues MediaTek’s commitment to deliver high-end smartphone features and advanced technology for the mass market.

Can you please elucidate the introduction of AI technology in Helio P70 chipset?

Helio P70’s enhanced AI engine delivers a 10 to 30 percent AI processing boost compared to the Helio P60. That means Helio P70 can support more complex AI applications such as real-time human pose recognition and AI based video encoding.

MediaTek’s AI video encoder enhances video call quality even when connection bandwidth is limited. It can be used for video calls including Skype calls, Facebook video calls and YouTube live video streaming. Helio P70 is built on MediaTek’s NeuroPilot platform, the company’s comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem to support edge AI. NeuroPilot supports common AI frameworks, including TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe, Caffe2 and custom third party offerings.

Highlight the differentiating aspect of MediaTek, which would help stay ahead of the competition curve?

In 2018, we have a completely different approach then our competitors, they have a strategy for higher segment but our simple vision is that we want to bring APU technology supported by AI and focus on bigger opportunities to develop more and more AI applications.

What are your roadmaps for the coming years?

Helio P70 and P60 are the main processors for 2018 and moving forward we will have much more powerful AI Technology.  The priority for MediaTek is the three main features: AI, Camera and Consumption of Low power. We will focus on improvement of these three important features.

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