/Tarun Singh, Founder ‘The Design Republic’ on the role and limitations of technology in architecture

Tarun Singh, Founder ‘The Design Republic’ on the role and limitations of technology in architecture

Tarun Singh The Design Republic
 “Technology is an enabler but it cannot replace the creativity and imagination of an architect”

Technology via AI and CAD plays an important role in modern architectural scheme of things but can it really replace architects’ role? We talked to Tarun Singh, Founder ‘The Design Republic’, an architect firm which has been making waves by transforming the very concept of shared workplace and has in fact made them voguish once again – to find an answer. In less than two years, Tarun Singh’s founded ‘The Design Republic’ has designed and delivered over 5 lakh sq feet of new age serviced offices across Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore and clients and millennial are simply it!


An office in Mumbai designed by Tarun Singh

You have carved out a niche for yourself for designing shared or customized work place which is transforming the very concept of shared-working space! What is it that makes your work so attractive to your clients?

They like our out of the box designs which bring alive the image they wished to see in practice- something that allows tremendous flexibility at almost half the cost in functioning and aesthetics. Add to that the right implementation and timely delivery.

What are the basic principles, philosophies and key parameters that you keep in mind while designing a work space?

The client’s vision, the working people’s mind set, the spatial functionality, aesthetics, practicality, flexibility, comfort, amenability to quick  change over, controlling and giving freedom in an efficient way for the best output.

Besides being so vibrant and welcoming, the new age offices which you design look very posh? Does it mean your designs are also expensive?

Our designs are cost effective, else no clients would be coming! Moreover, it’s an illusion that you can only get best designs if they are expensive.

A Conference Hall by Design Republic

How does technology help in designing or redesigning a work space?

Technology provides a wide range of options for showcasing our designs to the client, whether it be through cad drawings, 3D renders or walk through etc. Giving the client a glimpse of our imagination, is much more easier. For example a 3D presentation allows us to give a clear idea of our vision to the project, discuss any change instantly and see its effects, undo, redo at a click of a button and have exhaustive constructive interaction.

What are the specific tools you use to bring alive a customer’s desire into reality?

Keeping in mind the client’s satisfaction and requirements, we start off with a basic presentation of our ideas for the space. We manage elements to achieve the desired effects, like bringing in “breathing room” and incorporating negative space, in order to present strong compositions possible in design. Playing with spatial compartmentalisation, natural light, colours, design furniture, design roof/ floor, wall patterns are some of the elements used in our design.

CAD technologies has become so advanced, so where does the expertise and role of an architect’s imagination fit into the overall scheme of designing an office or work place?

True that AI and CAD technology is growing at a very fast pace, but as of now and near foreseeable future it won’t replace or takeover the imagination/ creativity of an architect/ designer.

Magarpata Cafe

How do you see the future of co-working space given the fact that as of now the concept has not become very popular?

Its attractive features for the employers as well as employees ensure that it will slowly seep the very core of work place – till such time of course when something entirely new pushes it aside. At a time when a lot of focus is on controlling operational costs, an intelligently and aesthetically designed shared working  place makes lot of sense.

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