/Soumitra Gupta, CEO, Togofogo.com

Soumitra Gupta, CEO, Togofogo.com

Soumitra Gupta
“We have strengthened the entire ecosystem of buying and selling of refurbished and pre-owned phones”

The demand for refurbished mobile phones is on an upswing as they offer value for money and reliable brands can be had at a real bargain. But the convenience of buying and the trust factor with pre-owned mobiles remained a challenge. Lately, some credible names in online space have come up to fill this vacuum. One such platform which is making a mark is Togofogo.com which is an online marketplace for selling and buying certified refurbished and certified used mobiles, tablets and accessories. Vanshika Malhotra caught up with Soumitra Gupta, CEO, Togofogo.com, to know more about this platform.

So what led you to start the venture ‘Togofogo’?

While I had envisioned that the market of pre-owned Mobile in India will be one of the high potential markets in the industry few years back, there was a huge gap in the market which stopped the growth of refurbished and second hand phones in India. Becoming the first company to set the edge of authentication in a highly unorganized market, Togofogo.com has created an ecosystem where the sellers leverage company’s integrated logistics support to open up Pan-India Market in no time. While, the buyers have a place to shop refurbished / used phones and be rest assured on the quality of the products they purchase, hence strengthening the recommence industry in Mobile Category in India.

What are the site’s USP’s and how will it help the Indian consumers broaden its choice or strike a better deal?

Togofogo is a onestop shop for its customers by providing an array of services starting from quality check, certification, providing warranty, post purchase repair-services, and Sell your old phone program.

We ensure the highest quality with the maximum number of quality checks (72 points) in the industry and the best warranty cover which is provided in association with Warranty Bazaar. Secondly, we are associated with Aforeserve.com Ltd a 20 year old company specialising in Repairs and Servicing for some of the major brands in India having 300+ Offices and over 15,000 sq. ft. of repair area. Unlike other e-commerce players, Togofogo is focused on doing business in a sustainable way to achieve profitability.

Most of all, Togofogo.com is first of its kind platform which has strengthened the entire ecosystem of buying and selling of refurbished and pre-owned phones by offering all value propositions that authenticate the second-hand phone market. We have a fully integrated Logistics support to deliver to any location Pan-India unlike other players in the market whose transactions are location-bound.

You have talked about brand’s initial focus on the North and Eastern parts of India. Any particular reason?

We are planning to launch our first ever offline store in Jaipur, being one of the potential cities in North which contributes a major chunk of sales volume in this segment of mobile handsets. We will be focusing only on tier-1 and tier-2 cities for our offline expansion this year and will evaluate foraying into smaller cities next year, based on the rollout and performance of these offline stores.

Please tell us about company’s promotion and investment plans?

We are an ecommerce company and our major focus is on Digital Marketing. We are very active on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and many other Social Media Platforms.

Yes we are looking forward to going on other media as well like Newspaper and FM in the coming months.

One believes that you are going to combine the online and offline retail model? You also plan to open up 100+ offline retail stores across India by the end of 2020. Do you think this is a sustainable business model?

We are planning to open 100+ Stores by the year 2020. These stores will be in partnership with Sellers of region. We will be focusing on marketing and providing platform and support to the partners in terms of better sourcing, customer support and service. The re-commerce mobile industry is completely unorganised at the moment and we through this partnership will bring better products at a competitive price to the customers along with option to have warranty.

Please tell us more about the company’s roadmap in India.

The future plans are based on our core vision, aiming to transform the market and fill the existing gaps. We currently facilitate the buying & selling of refurbished phones and certification and repair of pre-owned phones. Going forward, we will be introducing a ‘Buy-Back’ facility to our customers and we have an interesting roadmap built for the same and our team has started working on it. As far as the growth and expansion plans are concerned, we plan to expand our product line to include Laptops and other Consumer Electronic devices. We will replicate the same business model as that of the mobiles category – Togofogo will facilitate the buying and selling of old devices as well as providing repair and certification for these devices.

The world of technology has now become Vanshika’s close acquaintance, where she started out to explore and write about innovative gadgets and smartphones, soon to become a mobile pundit. She likes to explore new gadgets and meet new people and is intrigued by the things happening around her. An extrovert in nature, she doesn’t keep things to herself. She holds a diploma in Journalism from YWCA, Delhi.

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