Rahul Bojalwar, Founder and CEO, Medipta Solutions on how mobile apps are playing a pivotal role in healthcare sector

Rahul Bojalwar

Medipta is an app to search and store data and information. Users are assured of auto storage of reports with proper privacy and maintaining all the records of medical issues. It not only helps to find doctors but also guides patients to know about medicines prescribed and to have personal healthcare record. Medipta is a cost and time saving application and is a platform for connecting people in healthcare industry. My Mobile’s Nijhum Rudra spoke to Rahul Bojalwar, Founder and CEO, Medipta Solutions on how mobile apps are playing a pivotal role in the healthcare sector, the current marketing strategies and the key areas healthcare industry needs to focus on.

What made you invest in healthcare app like Medipta? Can you please explain the business models of Medpita?

Every human being expects hassle free services in healthcare and I was one of them. A general thought came in my mind, can we have technology which connects and fills gap in existing healthcare system? After getting inputs from friends, family, healthcare experts, healthcare service providers &a lot of research Medipta was conceived.

Medipta is free for Patients, Ambulance service, Blood Banks & Doctors, unlike other healthcare service provider apps. This is where Medipta stands out. Chemists, Retailers, Labs, Hospitals, Distributors& Insurance agents are charged in Medipta. Medipta sells diet plans also. Telemedicine & health screening devices enabled by mobile Bluetooth is an additional feature of this app.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges of healthcare apps in India and how Medipta is moving ahead to solve those pain points?

Association with Government in healthcare industries is the major challenge these days. Secondly, healthcare policies are not clear to general public. We have to follow a lot of rules and regulations while working on the different aspects of healthcare industries. All these factors affect tech-healthcare start-ups.

Medipta has already collaborated with Chemist Association and has also initiated Smart PHC project. Also, we have offered services to government employees. Way of collaboration, partnership, and tieups are being used to increase awareness about the app &its services. We are also in the process of transforming the primary Public Health Centre into a technology driven PHC. e-PHC – which will be called as Smart PHC. This will help to improve quality care of patients as its transparent, affordable & accessible healthcare for the whole society.

Can you please highlight mobile apps are now playing pivotal role in the healthcare sector in India and how Medipta is playing its role?

Earlier, people had to pay the amount demanded by their healthcare providers but now everything is available on just a click. Digitalization in healthcare has improved availability and affordability of Medicine. Medipta has a facility of telemedicine & is promoting preventive health check-ups and e-health services with the help of health screening devices. This app aims at rural healthcare management by providing e-health facilities at very affordable cost.

You have recently collaborated with the Maharashtra State Chemists & Druggists Association (MSCDA)? Can you please outline this strategy in detail and how this partnership would promote more healthcare apps in India?

MSCDA has more than 78,000 members who are pharma retailers. Medipta is offering its technology to them in a very low cost with all the features. Resolving the issue of online drugs, this business collaboration is done. Retailers are directly related to consumers. This app wouldn’t only be useful for them but through them this association will promote other healthcare services of the app to the end users directly.

What are your current marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition curve?

For marketing Medipta has made contract with MSCDA to reach end users and chemist retailer market. Medipta considers every other healthcare provider as a colleague who are serving in the industry, and we welcome them to partner on different fronts for a larger benefit of all.

Can you please elucidate some of your biggest USPs which you think can beat your rivals in the market?

  • Medipta is a very unique concept. Its major USPs are as follows –
  • Medipta is an app where all the entities of Healthcare services are getting connected with user friendly digitalization.
  • Smart PHC project at very affordable cost promoting e-health services in the remote region.
  • Medipta app is available on mobile and web for healthcare providers to give services.
  • Everything will be saved on cloud and it will be easy to share online reports, prescription. It will save time of healthcare provider as well as of patient.
  • Preventive health check up with telemedicine is enabled with mobile Bluetooth which generates report in few minutes with very less cost this will also help Medipta reaching people at large than any other product in market.
  • Medipta hut is a healthcare hub of Medipta which is available in every city & taluka where anyone can come for e-health services. It is the real world adaptation of the Medipta Mobile application.

Please describe the unique functionalities of Medipta?

Medipta is complete healthcare platform where each and every entity gets connected to serve human kind. It is a platform providing all healthcare services. We have Telemedicine& health screening which will promote rural healthcare management by offering affordable services at very cheap cost. You can save health reports on cloud, this will save time of the end user & frequent visits to healthcare provider.

Moving ahead, do you have anything in store in your roadmap?

Medipta is planning to associate with healthcare organizations, healthcare experts through its 360 degree IT platform. We are also working with different public sector units on health check-up plan, which can be availed in just Rs 30, Rs 50, and Rs 75. Our company is also discussing positively with healthcare Industries of Bhutan, Malaysia & Middle East as channel partners where Medipta can serve them.


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