/Prashant Shah, Business Head, Barwa Moblink

Prashant Shah, Business Head, Barwa Moblink

Prashant Shah
“Barwa studies the trend, buying habits and keep on introducing innovative Mobile accessories”

Established in 2011, Barwa Mobilink thinks that the Indian consumers have long been attracted to mobile accessories and gadgets but, were not satisfied with quality, experience, authenticity and warranty. It was then the company decided to take their step forward in the direction of giving Indian consumer the quality, authenticity and warranted products under the brand Barwa. Their commitment is to bring Indian consumer at par with the world on next generation technology, gadgets and accessories. Nijhum Rudra spoke to Prashant Shah, Business Head, Barwa Moblink about the challenges in providing topnotch electronics accessories to the customers and how the company is playing a key role in this scenario. Edited Excerpts:

Can you please give an overview of Barwa Moblink and what is the key value proposition and business model of your firm?

Barwa Moblink started its operations as a company in the year 2015 with a vision to provide high quality Mobile Accessories in the Indian Market, which was unorganized and unbranded. Very few known brands were available in the Mobile accessories segment, which were offering quality product but at a premium price which had led to a demand for economical yet high-quality mobile accessories and Barwa stepped in. Barwa started operating from the commercial capital of India – Mumbai and kept on expanding on states level through its Super Distributor-Distributor- Retail channel.

Currently, what are some of the biggest challenges in providing top-notch electronics accessories to the customers and how Barwa Moblink is playing a key role in this scenario?

The biggest challenge is to understand the ever changing taste of Indian consumer. We at Barwa study the present trend and buying habits of Indian consumer, based on which, keep on introducing innovative Mobile accessories at regular intervals.

What are the various mobile accessories do you own now and what are their current market shares?

Barwa offers almost all accessories to support your Mobile in various categories like Data Cable, Chargers, Earphones, Headphones, Speakers, Bluetooth and Power banks, ensuring superlative quality and optimum comfort for the user. Barwa products are very well placed in almost all major Mobile stores, which sell branded and quality products.

Barwa Moblink

What are the current trends in the mobile accessories space? How will you leverage them in the next five years?

We can say Mobile Accessories have become an integral part for those who use, technologically advanced and smart phones. Trend is changing in almost all categories of Mobile accessories like:

  • Wired to wireless audio, with improved wireless connectivity distance with features like light weight, water resistant and compact products like speakers, Bluetooth headphone set.
  • Shifting from USB cables to Type-C cables for fast charging
  • Light weight power banks
  • Screen Protection with ultra-thin material to preserve look of the mobile device and protect eyes by Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass

Barwa, with rich experience and visionary management, has introduced products with such features and constantly working on further improvement, which will help gaining business from present setup and all future territories that will be opened in coming years.

Who are your current channel partners and how do you plan to expand the product portfolio in the market?

Barwa works on a business model of Super Distributor – Distributor – Retail network. We have taken on board very highly efficient business partners to spread our reach in every corner and make our products easily available. To manage the network we have highly motivated team which takes care of sales, marketing & servicing.

What is the core business strategy of your products?

Besides our conventional business model, we have focus on business from corporate segment. Mobile and Mobile accessories can now be considered as necessity for everyone. Hence our products are widely accepted in corporate sector. Pharmaceutical companies, Service Providers, Gifting Companies and other small and medium companies which need products for gifting to their clients, approach us due to quality and easy availability of products at very competitive rates to fit their budgets. We are also available on online platform, which helps us gain business as well as suffice our branding requirements.

We conduct lot of marketing activities to build our brand using various media like print, television, social media and do lots of promotion activities. All this has really helped us build and become known brand BARWA in last 3 years.

What are some of the biggest differentiating aspect of Barwa Moblink that helps you stay ahead of the curve?

Undoubtedl your products and its unique features are our biggest differentiating aspect. Barwa imports only standardized products that get manufactured under the supervision of its proficient representatives who perform all the required quality tests before importing. Each product, we try to make it unique hence it has an edge over competition. For instance, our product- ‘Bluetooth BW 303 which is Dual Device Pairing Headset with Selfie Feature’, which is offered by only Barwa in the market, makes it stand out in the crowd with its innovative features. The product, besides delivering silver-toned sound and active noise cancellation, also enables users to take a Selfie with a separate button provided. Like this we have products across all categories, which have certain uniqueness.

What has been the response for Barwa Moblink so far- consumer and business?

It’s been almost 3 years, since we have launched and in this short period we have seen rise and fall of many brands in the Mobile Accessories segment. With our vision to bring Indian consumer at par with the world on next gen technology, by offering them quality, authenticity and warranted products, today Barwa is a known brand and become a household name.

Going forward, what are some of your roadmap in the coming year?

Operating from commercial capital of India – Mumbai, we have seen remarkable growth year on year in terms of market share and revenue on pan India basis. For the year 2018-19, Barwa is further aiming to expand to new states and make its presence in 5000 retail outlets. Our vision is to make Barwa, the most trusted brand and keep on offering unique yet affordable mobile accessories in India.

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