/Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Limited

Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Limited

Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics
“We would like to build a legacy and enable people to view Envirochip as the ‘Safety Belt’ for the mobile devices”

Envirochip, a chip when fixed onto a mobile, laptop, Wi-Fi, etc, purifies the EM radiations and neutralizes its harmful effects on health. Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Limited, is the man behind this technology to have more than one million satisfied customers till date and expanding rapidly. He spoke with Haider Ali Khan on his company’s aim and ambition of providing a safer communication to the users.

How Envirochip helps in reducing the effects of EM radiations and upto what extent?

Envirochip is a Radiation Purifier, which when fixed on personal electronic devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablet PC’s, Wi-Fi Routers and Wireless Baby Monitors completely neutralizes the harmful nature of Microwaves / Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and makes it non bio-effective and harmless for people using the above devices. Envirochip converts the constant microwaves emitted by electronic devices to random waves, which are compatible with the human body. This is done without reducing the signal strength and without altering the signal quality.

How harmful these EM radiations can be and would it be possible to avoid it because we cannot sustain without mobile, laptops, etc.?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under World Health Organisation (WHO) has studied the effects of EMR on human health for years. In May 2011, they concluded that Mobile Radiations are possibly carcinogenic (cancerous) and placed it under Category 2B. In the research done by them as well as various other medical and scientific experts across the world, users have been advised to be more aware and cautious of their usage patterns and habits, like keeping the length of calls short, texting more than talking, maintaining an adequate and safe distance from the mobile devices as much as possible and using a wired earphone whenever on a voice call. Usage of technology and mobile devices has made everyone’s lives a lot easier and life is unimaginable without them. Therefore, we must use smart devices more smartly and safely for the benefit of our long term health.


Have you had any talks with the mobile makers to incorporate the Envirochip directly into their devices rather than fixing it externally?

Not till date as we were still in concept proving stage. We started sales of our products through multiple niche segments and are proud to report that we now have more than 1 million satisfied customers and plenty of testimonials from users acknowledging a health benefit. Therefore, we are hoping that device manufacturers will look into this aspect sooner than later, and as part of their Social responsibility, adopt a Purification and Protection technology like the one we offer inside their devices, in order to dispel any doubts about whether EMR from devices may cause any harm to the health of any user. The health and safety of people should be paramount. From the past few years, there has a healthy debate between device manufacturers and health experts on whether radiation from mobile devices is harmful or not. While the verdict is still split, the consumer has moved on and understood that prevention is better than cure, and they are looking out for products such as ours, which can ensure their long term well-being. Consumers buy cases and screen guards to protect their device from any potential damage. Similarly, they are now buying Envirochip to protect their health from any potential damage.

There are no clear cut guidelines in India regarding the harmful radiation being emitted by the mobile towers. Most of them claim that the radiation is non-ionizing in nature or they keep denying it. Is it only related to towers or mobile makers are also responsible for it?

While there is still an open debate and in-conclusively over the mobile tower radiation issue, the true fact is that long term exposure and close proximity (within 15 meters line of sight) to a mobile tower, even though it’s non-ionizing radiation, has been found to affect the biological systems of human beings, as one is subjected to waveforms which are alien to the body over years. Ionizing radiation sources alter the DNA of cells and affect the biological systems of human beings even on very low exposure periods (a few seconds). Mobile devices work on the same Microwaves as Towers, and hence can prove to be equally damaging if the usage pattern of a user is incorrect and they are talking on the device for long periods.

And if passive infrastructure is far away from the receiver it creates call drop and connectivity issues. How can that are mitigated through your products?

Our products are in the Radiation Purifier category and not an Anti-Radiation Chip. Envirochip doesn’t reduce or block radiation, but changes the harmful nature of radiation. These have been tested at a reputed Lab in Cambridge, UK. Hence, the strength of EMF remains the same even after fixing our product onto a device, and can’t create any call drop or connectivity issues for the customer. The socalled anti-Radiation Chips in the unorganized retail market claim to reduce radiation, and don’t have any proof or answer to this question.

How big is this market in India and how will you educate people about the ill effects of EM radiation as they are under the ambit of it?

Educating people, especially in a country like India are obviously going to be challenging and there are no shortcuts to it. There is enough material in the public domain for people to read, see and make an informed decision on what is good for them. We of course are doing our bit in raising more awareness and highlighting the simple do’s and don’ts which are also prescribed by some of the device manufacturers in their device manuals. As far as the India market is concerned, there are 1.25 billion people and more than 1 billion handsets currently in use. Even at a 5% market penetration over the next couple of years, the market for credible products which are scientifically and medically tested and proven is 0.5 Billion USD.

What is the price range your products across verticals and their availability?

The price range of our products is between Rs 600 – 2,000 for different SKU’s and applications. Our products are available on our websiteas well as on other marketplaces and in outlets of some large Modern Trade Retail Chains. Very soon, they will be available in General Trade as well on a pan India basis.

What would be the new challenges for Envirochip when the technology is in transition from 3G/4G to LTE, VoLTE and 5G?

The transition from 2G to 3G and then to 4G and now beyond has been a boon for the consumer as with faster streaming and downloading speeds, it has enabled people to consume more and more data on their mobile devices. The fundamentals and science of Microwaves remain the same inspite of this change in technology. The major difference will be that when people have access to faster and cheaper data and voice, their usage patterns will change and the time that they spend on their mobile devices will increase, thereby increasing the risk of long term damage to their health due to constant exposure to EMR. Our product – Envirochip will continue to evolve and protect people from any potential long term damage to the health of users. We would like to build a legacy and enable people to view Envirochip as the ‘Safety Belt’ for the mobile devices.

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