/“We would like to turn into a brand that people trust and easily associate with”

“We would like to turn into a brand that people trust and easily associate with”

Abhishek Agarwal

Globe Panda is India’s leading cross-border e-commerce platform that provides easy access to international products and hassle-free payment options along with fast shipping. The company facilitates easy order placing and acquisition of a wide variety of international goods that come at a very reasonable price. Ramesh Kumar Raja talked to Abhishek Agarwal, Co-founder of Globe Panda, to understand how the company is different from others and what are its future plans to remain a leader in the market. Excerpts: 

We already have many e-commerce giants in India offering a wide range of utility products. What makes Globe Panda different from them?

There are few cross-border websites in India operating currently which deal heavily in apparel whereas Globe Panda is a one stop website for all utility products that include home and kitchen appliances and the latest gadgets for both personal and office use. However, this is not the only USP of Globe Panda, the flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption is carried instantly with no middleman involved and the delivery is available all over India. Globe Panda gives all the customers options to pay in local currency something that other websites that sell international products do not offer.

There is a rise in cross-border e-commerce in India. Being an early mover in this segment, what advantages do you see?

Being an early mover in this segment, we can tap the market and turn into a brand that people trust and easily associate with. Our main advantage is our unique collection of products and the price we offer them at. All goods are easily cleared through customs and in case of return they are not sent abroad which is not the case with other companies, making return cheap.

There is an increasing trend of offering discounts on e-commerce platforms. How judicious is it?

Offering discounts and coupons makes sense overall because people think of it as an added incentive to buy the product. It helps in retaining customers who would shop elsewhere if they were not getting something extra. With lots of competition in the e-commerce market, it is necessary to make people think that they are getting something more on every deal.

How many installs Globe Panda app has amassed and what is its retention rate?

The application is under further development after customer feedback. The User Interface is being reconstructed and the products are being scaled so that customers have an amazing experience upon using it.

How do you ensure the quality and smooth delivery of international products which may get damaged while shipping?

We check in our warehouse in Hong Kong that the product is packed and sealed properly and once that is done it is dispatched in cargo for safe delivery. Also, the personnel employed for the smooth delivery of international products are all well trained and aware of items and the specific way in which they should be packed and shipped.

Please tell us about your grievance redressal mechanism?

Our customer service representatives help in resolving all customer queries and problems with their quick and exact solutions. The customer simply gives us a call and we pull their order from our database that helps us address the issue right away.

What are your strategy and future plans to tap the e-commerce space?

Our future plan is to capture a greater share in the Indian market by adding more categories like clothing, footwear, mobiles and furniture to our portfolio and marketing more aggressively.

We plan to introduce B2B, as still most of the small Indian traders are not familiar with the import of international products. We will offer factory-priced products even for small MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantity) which has a big chance of becoming popular with social media selling groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. No language barrier and no shipping and custom formalities will surely help us forge greater B2B ties.

Ramesh Kumar Raja
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