/“KiksAR plans to create the world’s largest 3D catalog cloud for try-on”

“KiksAR plans to create the world’s largest 3D catalog cloud for try-on”

Kavita Jha

Her sad experience of getting stuck into Bengaluru’s traffic drove Kavita Jha to come up with a virtual try-on (VTO) platform for fashion retail in 2018. The platform, KiksAR, leverages Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to enhance online shopping experience. Kavita, who happens to be the co-founder of the SaaS startup, speaks more about it, in a conversation with Ramesh Kumar Raja. Excerpts:

How did the idea of KiksAR strike you to come up with a unique solution for online shopping?


While I was working at Ramyam Labs in Bengaluru, the city’s traffic affected me very badly. I used to spend 4-5 hours travelling a day. This obviously affected my personal life. Due to paucity of time, I always used to land up doing online shopping for gifts and unplanned shopping, sometimes from my car. Many times, the products I purchased did not meet my expectations resulting in returns, which is a very tiresome exercise. The products would either be different in colour, texture, or quality from what was displayed online, and then it didn’t really suit or fit especially when I bought clothes for my daughters. This made me think about how I can solve this problem of providing real life like shopping experiences online and realized that virtual try-on mapped with styling and fitment is the ultimate solution. This became the genesis of KiksAR’s virtual try-on platform for fashion retail. I discussed this idea with my colleague Kiran Lakkapragada and we did 6 months research on the state-of-the-art platform with AI and AR technologies and decided to start KiksAR in 2018.

How mobile-friendly is this technology?

Our technology supports all kinds of devices. Our AI driven engine helps us provide marker-less and seamless real time experience across devices and platforms (ARCore / Non ARCore, ARKit / Non ARKit, windows, browsers – desktops / laptops / mobiles – Android and iPhone).

What is your business model and who are your customers in India?

We are a SaaS platform, where businesses have to pay a one-time set-up fee for the creation of the digital twins of their SKUs using our patented 3D technology besides setting-up the infrastructure and a recurring monthly fee based on the number of active SKUs on our platform. Also, we generate AR tag and attach it across their in-house and third-party digital commerce platforms with simple integration scripts. For in-store experiences, we provide apps that can be installed on Android and iOS tabs and Windows desktops.


In India and globally we work with both top-notch brands and SMEs. We work with Titan Eye Plus, Essilor – Coolwinks, Specsmakers, Vision Rx Labs, GKB, to name a few.

How has been the response so far? Can you please tell us about its traction details?

We have got a lot of traction from the market globally. Specifically post-pandemic, we have seen a 100% surge in enquiries and our technology makes purchases contactless both in-store and online. Today, we have 35+ customers in e-commerce and 250+ retail stores across the globe and we are growing rapidly.


Do you have any competitors in India? If yes, how do you deal with them?

In India we have StyleDotMe, Modaka. Similarly internationally, there are Fittingbox, Ditto, Banuba, Modi-Face, YouCam, Wannaby kicks, to name a few.

Our patented platform, specifically solving the fitment with millimeter accuracy leveraging AI is our major differentiator. We also have many firsts to name-

  • Marker-less Watches Virtual Try-On
  • Fitment and Measurements with millimeter accuracy
  • 3D model generations from 2D images
  • Virtual Try-On for innovative categories like face masks, hijabs, scarves, turbans
  • In-store theme-based experiences for eyewear, jewellery and makeup

What are your plans to make it large?

Our plan is to create the world’s largest 3D catalog cloud for “Try-On” and become ubiquitous platform for augmented reality experience for fashion retail. In the next two quarters, we are planning to launch Apparel both in-store and online.

We are already having a good presence in eyewear in the Indian market. Also, with apparel, we are planning to expand faster in India as well as in the US market.

Ramesh Kumar Raja
Ramesh has over 10 years of experience in different departments of journalism. Having a strong nose for news, he has worked with The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Delhi Press, News Wire Service and Governance Today in different capacities. He is a Delhi University graduate and an alumnus of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi, and St. Xavier's School, Muzaffarpur. He loves writing over issues of social relevance. His craving for smart technology brought him to My Mobile where he has grown up to be a tech journo.

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