/Kashish Lalit, Director, Toreto Retail

Kashish Lalit, Director, Toreto Retail

kashish lalit
“We are getting an overwhelming response to all our product categories”

Toreto has become a name to reckon with in today’s gadget industry. From developing and manufacturing the gadget supports for huge market of mobile users, the company has created a benchmark for a blend of design and intelligence. Ramesh Kumar Raja caught up with Kashish Lalit, Director, Toreto Retail, to discuss more about the brand, its offerings and marketing strategy. Excerpts:

How’s the brand Toreto positioned itself in a hyper-competitive market like India which is already dominated by big and small players?

Our key focus is on the quality and customer service of the products we offer. It’s very important to understand and address how the customers feel throughout their journey while engaging with the brand. If the customer feels great about the overall experience (product and service), it will definitely have a long-lasting impression and certainly, it will reap in a gained word of mouth branding for the brand.

You offer a wide range of products, from sound systems and headsets to handset accessories and computer peripherals. Which among them is a dominant vertical for Toreto?

We would say all of the above. We are getting an overwhelming response to all our product categories. We believe, we offer “Whatever mobile gadget or accessories you need— Toreto is there with the best of the quality products.”

How are your products gaining traction in the market?

We indulge in a lot of online and offline marketing activities; our recent association with Rannvijay Singh has gained us superb traction in the market. Also, the word of mouth by our valued subscribers/clientele plays a vital role when it comes to branding.

Which are the areas from where maximum demand is coming for the Toreto products in India?

Usually, most of the metropolitan cities are the markets; we are getting a maximum number of requests. State wise, we get good demand from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra and UP etc.

Online or Offline – which platform yields maximum revenue for Toreto?

Offline being the traditional method still yields maximum revenue as compared to Online. Apparently, there’s not much of a difference; in recent years we have gained significant online traction as well.

What is your approach to the “after sales service” which remains an issue for majority of electronics companies?

It’s very critical, about how the customers experience the product(s). It’s not only the product that drives customer’s loyalty but also the before and after sales service by the brand which leaves a noteworthy mark. At Toreto, we always strive to ensure that our valued customers are always satisfied with their purchase.

There is a parallel grey market in India thriving on the counterfeit accessories and devices. How do you deal with them?

There are all kinds of customers with different requirements. We are a company that caters to the customers who are looking for good quality products with genuine warranty and after sale service. Yes, we have a system in place to address the same.

Please tell us something about R&D and innovation at Toreto?

At Toreto, we are highly active in our R&D process. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and in order to stand up to the latest innovations, it’s really important to stay updated with the latest R&D work and innovations.

What are your outreach and investment plans for India?

We are investing heavily in the latest technology for the nation. With the growing need for electronic gadgets, there is a need for Indian brands to rise and fill in the void. This will also enable the employment opportunities for the people in our country.

The emergence of IoT has opened a new avenue of growth for many tech companies. Is Toreto leveraging this trend?

IoT is the future of technology. Definitely, we have plans, and soon you will be witnessing IoT enabled products from the house of Toreto.

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