/Karan Bedi, COO, Blaupunkt Televisions India

Karan Bedi, COO, Blaupunkt Televisions India

Karan Bedi
“Blaupunkt TVs offer affordability, quality, durability and intuitive viewing”

Blaupunkt, a German Electronics maker since 1923, came with Smart TVs at the end of 2018 at affordable prices to counter the Chinese aggressiveness in India and provide customers an intuitive viewing experience laden with latest features and technologies. Karan Bedi, COO, Blaupunkt Televisions India had an interaction with Haider Ali Khan on Blaupunkt’s vision for 2019. Edited Excerpts:


What was the intent of launching Blaupunkt TV range in India? Isn’t it too late?

The Blaupunkt TV range is launched with the intent to capture a good share of the Indian market with innovative product offerings. Of course, it isn’t late as we are providing a completely different niche of products that are meant to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the Indian customers.

Blaupunkt has range of audio series in India prior to the launch of TV. How has been that business for you?

Ever since Blaupunkt audio systems and car infotainment products were first introduced into India, Blaupunkt has remained one of the leaders in the respective market segments. Offering such a wide range of products for decades, Blaupunkt has established a strong foothold in the Indian market and continues to achieve consistent success. And, this proved to be an advantage for Blaupunkt foraying into TV segment as well.

Blaupunkt TV range starts from Rs 12K and that makes a value for money product for Indian buyers. Why would a person go for Blaupunkt and not any other new Chinese entrant?

Equipped with interactive features and best-in-class technology, Blaupunkt TVs are committed to providing an immersive viewing experience to the users. The customers can rest assured of the quality, efficiency, and all in all value we deliver to them that might not be the case with Chinese entrants. They might provide similar products at an exceptionally low price, but the quality and durability remain an issue. With Blaupunkt TVs, we offer affordability, quality, durability, and intuitive viewing, something which Indian buyers would love to get.

Blaupunkt TV has lots of potential in India but, you have restricted yourself to online. Is that going to change in 2019?

Yes, the idea has been to bring in the premium products to the mass premium category by venturing into direct selling and making prices effective for the consumers. But yes, since the brand is rapidly expanding, you might see the presence in offline markets as well.

How would be the year 2019 for Blaupunkt TVs in India?

Honestly, we are quite optimistic about the prospects of not only Blaupunkt TVs in India, but for Blaupunkt as a whole. Last year, we received an overwhelming response from the customers which has notched up our expectations for this year. The brand is planning to come up with some new and innovative products in the second half of 2019 that will surely enthrall the customers.

Would you be more interested in B2B or B2C sales as your target audience?

Presently, Blaupunkt’s primary focus is on increasing B2B sales to capture a good market share with the support of its selling partners. Though, we also encourage and appreciate the B2C sales.

What are the chances of Blaupunkt venturing into mobile, IoT, and laptop or smart home solutions in 2019?

Blaupunkt is planning to expand its product mix in India and may come up with new product categories by the end of this year. So yes, you may see Blaupunkt offering a diversified and exciting range of products in future, though we’re not committing anything.

How holistic Blaupunkt TV could be with the help of AI?

The AI-enabled user interface of Blaupunkt TVs helps us deliver the users personalized and smart viewing experience. All their interests, disinterests, and the pattern of their “the watching time” are noted down by AI and accordingly, it gives intelligent recommendations of the TV shows, movies, and web series to the viewers that they may like. And, smart remotes also complement Blaupunkt’s AI-powered smart TVs.

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