/Kannav Thukral, Managing Director of Blackzone

Kannav Thukral, Managing Director of Blackzone

Kannav Thukral
“Blackzone would like to enter Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan”

Blackzone, a homegrown mobile handset maker is getting traction in the major parts of the semi-urban towns across India due to its justified price range along with the required specifications. The Blackzone sells feature phones as well as smartphones within a price bracket of Rs 300 which goes upto Rs 9,999. The brand is led by Kannav Thukral, Managing Director of Blackzone. He has the vision of taking his brand to the other Asian and African countries. He had a word with My Mobile. Edited Excerpts

What is the philosophy behind Blackzone?

Our philosophy is simple , we believe in 4 P’s-product, price, placement and promotion,  and if any company constraint its full focus on these 4P’s, then it almost become impossible for a new competition to compete with it and if there is no competition then there is no one to stop us.

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Why does anyone buy Blackzone?

We are very much focused about our quality and at the same time we try our level best to supply goods at very competitive price, so when price and product comes together, then there is no need for customer to think about any other companies product.

“We are very much focused about our quality and at the same time we try our level best to supply goods at very competitive price”

How do you address the redressal, if any?

As ecosystem of telecom is very dynamic, we think we had to redress our self regularly to adapt dynamics of telecom sector.

From where is the maximum traction coming for Blackzone?

From pan-India we are getting traction but, from rural area of states such as UP, Bihar, North East, MP, West Bengal, Haryana, J&K, Maharashtra, Chennai, Telangana, etc.

What is the price range of Blackzone?

Our price range starts from Rs 300 and goes upto Rs 9,999.

Which are the new areas where Blackzone would like to enter?

We would like to enter Asian and African countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, etc.

How do you market Blackzone to reach the untapped markets?

As today is highly competitive world, so for untapped market, we took this as a weapon of competition to crack the untapped areas by using disruption law of marketing. Reliance Jio is the biggest example of this strategy.

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