/India is the most important market after China: Nubia

India is the most important market after China: Nubia

Dheeraj Kukreja

“The Indian market is the most important market after China and will have a significant contribution to our global business in the coming years,”

Established in October 2017 as the gaming arm of China-based Nubia, Red Magic harnessed their skill in smartphone design and combined it with a gamers’ determination in achieving high-performance gameplay. The company has recently announced the much-awaited gaming smartphone “Red Magic 3”, earlier launched in China in April end, and says their mission is to break further ground and unlock the potential of mobile gaming. Vivek Singh Chauhan spoke to the Dheeraj Kukreja, Marketing Director at Nubia India to understand the present and upcoming smartphone gaming scenario, recent development in the gaming technology. Don’t miss it.

What is the next wave in gaming smartphones?

The online gaming industry in India is expected to generate a revenue of Rs 11,900 crore by the financial year 2023, growing at 22percent CAGR, according to a report by consulting major KPMG and industry’s self-regulatory body, Indian Federation of Sports Gaming. The number of gamers in India has touched 250 million.

With a market share of 85percent, mobile phones are recorded as the major contributor to online gaming revenue in India. This indicates that the Indian smartphone users are showing greater affinity for a better gaming experience.

As a brand, where do you see yourself in the current gaming market?

The gaming smartphone market is expected to grow by 6.6 percent by 2021 as per data and we aim to be number one in the gaming smartphone segment in India. Nubia’s constant endeavour is to ensure that Red Magic series is ahead of its time.

With the rise of the gaming smartphone market in India, Red Magic 3 will become more prominent. Red Magic 3 is the result of Nubia’s insistence on scientific and technological innovation and in-depth exploration in the field of gaming mobile phones. As the world’s first use of a highly efficient centrifugal fan, 90 Hz e-sports AMOLED screen mobile phone, the release of Red Magic 3 represents that Nubia has pushed gaming mobile phones to an unprecedented new level and continues to lead the development of gaming mobile phone industry.

Red Magic 3 being the highest scorer on AnTuTu benchmark rating comes with maximum patents related to heat dissipation and fans. With powerful hardware functions and groundbreaking innovative design, it has become a milestone in the development of gaming mobile phone industry.

Do you take Asus’ ROG or Xiaomi-backed Black Shark as a tough competition? If so, what is your game plan to compete with them?

We are very positive to see the acceptance of gaming smartphones in India. The demand for performance-driven gaming smartphones is increasing and our aim is to ensure that Red Magic is ahead of its time. Competition is definitely great for growth as it pushes brands to deliver the best for the customers and they have options to choose from. It gives the customer to choose the best as per their needs. It also helps in bringing in niche audiences to the forefront like gamers. We will continue to innovate for these audiences in the future with industry-first features. We have been the first to launch a gaming phone in India without compromising on features like battery, performance, camera, etc. which are on par with other smartphone brands.

Who is your targeted audience?

Red Magic 3 is a performance-driven gaming smartphone and our target audience is anyone and everyone looking for a high-performance smartphone with a special emphasis on the gaming community.

What is your current market share?

It is too early to talk about market share however we are focusing on online and offline marketing to build a culture of performance.

How much growth do you expect with the launch of Red Magic 3?

Our aim is to be a leading gaming smartphone in the country and meet the demands of audiences with high-performance gaming smartphone — Red Magic. We are not aiming for numbers only. We are targeting the gaming community and influencers to drive a culture of performance.

What’s next? Can we expect Red Magic 4 this year?

We are aiming to grab the top slot in the gaming smartphone market in India which is poised to grow. The gaming industry is expanding and gaming enthusiasts are more aware. Our current focus is on Red Magic 3 with the 12 GB variant will be launching this July in India.

What are the other advancements we can expect in the gaming technology next year?

Gaming technologies today allow gamers to experience games in a fully immersive way. Next year will see 5G enabled gaming technology as a key disruptor in this segment.

So, Nubia is also planning to launch 5G-enabled gaming smartphone in India in 2020?

Yes, we have recently showcased Nubia mini 5G at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. Currently, we are working with key service providers in China on 5G.

Is there anything specific for the Indian audience?

The Indian market is the most important market after China and will have a significant contribution to our global business in the coming years. This year the Red Magic series is launched closed to the China launch and in the future, you may see simultaneous launches that how important India is to Nubia. The company has been known for its premium experience and to take this to the next level, Red Magic 3 caters to the gaming segment in India.

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