/Gaurav Tikoo, Senior Vice President Marketing, Transsion India

Gaurav Tikoo, Senior Vice President Marketing, Transsion India

Gaurav Tikoo
TECNO will have products across price points under Camon series in the segment 7K to 15K

Transsion Holdings have an array of smartphone brands present in India, one among them is TECNO, which is promoting itself as an offline brand, has brought a sub-brand called Camon to India, targeting the Selfie-driven audiences. Gaurav Tikoo, Senior Vice President Marketing, Transsion India, spoke with Haider Ali Khan about the TECNO’s market strategies and Transsion Holdings as a whole. Excerpts:

Transsion Holdings-owned brands are doing quite well in India and now constitute a decent pie of the market. Do you think that your online-offline approach worked well for Transsion Holdings and will you continue in the same spirit?

At Transsion, our multibrand strategy is based on extensive insight and consumer segmentation and we definitely think it has worked well for us and we intend to continue with our strategy. The fact that Transsion made its debut in the top 5 mobile phone brands of India with a 4% share (Counterpoint report Q1 2018), speaks volumes. Additionally, practicing a multi-brand strategy has its own advantages, as it allows one to focus on specific channels and create specific go-to market strategies.

Under the Transsion umbrella, brands such as Infinix, itel, TECNO, Spice and Oraimo, have been very price and audience centric. Do you see Transsion Holdings becoming the second BBK Electronics in India?

At Transsion Holdings we are committed to becoming consumers’ favourite smart device and mobile value added services provider with the highest brand influence in global emerging markets. For us consumer feedback and suggestions are of utmost importance and with this intent we develop products that cater to their local needs. Each of our brand has its own distinctive identity and appeal to a distinct user base.

Transsion has a robust pan-India presence with a deep distribution network of 1 lakh plus retailers and 3,000 plus channel partners, enabling the company to cater to the length and breadth of the country. Transsion will continue to expand and engage the channel better in 2018 as well.

TECNO brought Camon to India, targeting the camera-driven target groups. Has it paid off for you as it did in other countries?

Transsion India

The brand started the year 2018 on a promising note with the launch of global cameracentric “Camon” smartphones in India, enabled with Full View display. CAMON series (Camon i, CamonI Air and Camon I Sky) has played a vital role in bolstering TECNO’s India growth story, registering 23% QoQ in Q1 2018 (Source: Counterpoint), with the aim of making it to the Top 5 smartphone brands by end of 2018.

One of the Transsion Holdings entities, TECNO, has tied up with Kings XI Punjab for the IPL 2018. How would that be beneficial to an offline brand like TECNO?

Cricket in its entirety is the most celebrated sport in India and within that IPL has always proven to be the most impactful media property for branding. IPL is all about Superlative Performance, which is also the mantra for the TECNO. Hence, this was an ideal platform for us to strengthen our brand prominence and visibility across the globe and establish a bond with the youth of India. The Kings XI Punjab association has worked well as a part of the overall marketing plan to permeate to the right audience.

Would you like to take this association with Kings XI Punjab and IPL further? Do you also have other sporting events in mind such as ISL or Kabaddi League?

Today, we live in a multi-media world, where in every medium be it ATL or BTL is important independently but they work the best when used collectively and that makes 360-degree marketing campaign the best for any brand and we are no different. Our Go-To-Market approach for TECNO is an ideal mix of ATL & BTL to create an Integrated Marketing Campaign around our core proposition of “Best Any light Camera”. We believe in challenging the norm and creating better experiences whether it is through our products, service propositions or marketing interventions. Considering the success of sports associations, we definitely look forward to such partnerships, as of now our association with Kings XI Punjab is keeping us occupied, apart from our slew of new product launches in the pipeline this IPL season.

Will TECNO and Camon act independently as individual brands or the product line will be same for both?

Camon is a “Camera- Centric” product portfolio series under TECNO. The portfolio currently consists of 3 models: Camon i, Camon i Air and Caomn iSky priced competitively in the range of Rs 7,499 to Rs 8,999

What percentage of market share would you like to aspire for TECNO within this year?

With Camon series in our portfolio, we aim to make TECNO to be among Top 5 smartphone brands in India by end of 2018.

Tell us about the product lineup that you have for India this fiscal, and where all do they fit?

We are a product focused company and the key focus area central to our India strategy for 2018 is “Camera-centric” smartphones line-up enabled with Full View display which attempt at delivering “Best Anylight Camera” promise. We will have products across price points under Camon series in the segment 7K to 15K.

Being a part of the larger group, does TECNO have the cushion to withstand the market hiccups and challenges?

TECNO’s successful innings in India has been possible due to its go-to market strategy and differential marketing approach. Apart from product quality, a superlative distribution network, customer service and game changing service promises have been the reason of TECNO’s success in India.

TECNO has a robust distribution network of 30,000+ retail touch points across India. Our trade practices are very strong, which leads to the delight of our partners. We focus our activities with a quick turnaround of stocks for every distributor as well as retailer, which ensures a stronger relationship with us.

All our TECNO products are supported by extensive service network of Carlcare with 950+ after-sales service touch points pan India. COCO (company-owned, company-operated) forms an important part of our offline channel strategy to provide consumers with better service in the process of purchase and experience of TECNO products and we’ll continue to enhance this part. Currently, we have one COCO center in Noida and one more is coming up in Mumbai.

Last but not the least, we are first in the industry to introduce beyond the standard warranty and came out with a brand promise of “111’. Any consumer who buys TECNO smartphones gets an advantage of 100 days’ free replacement, 1-time screen replacement in one year and 1-month extended warranty. Plus we are probably the only brand to offer a 3-in-1 card slot in our products, which comes handy in today’s day and age basis the digital revolution created by telecom operators.

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