/Dinesh Prasad, CEO, BlueSky Inventions, talks about Venus Browser

Dinesh Prasad, CEO, BlueSky Inventions, talks about Venus Browser

Dinesh Prasad

To cater to the growing demand for regional content in the country, BlueSky Inventions, a software services company, recently launched a new mobile browser app called as Venus Browser. Developed under ‘Make in India’ initiative, Venus Browser is one of the first browsers offering hyperlocal content in regional languages covering all major Indian states. Enabling essential services on the go, Venus Browser is designed and crafted keeping in mind key characteristics and behaviors of a majority of Indian consumers. The app is currently available for download on Google Play Store and will soon be launched over other operating systems. To discuss more about the Venus Browser app, its functionalities and prospects, Ramesh Kumar Raja interacted with Dinesh Prasad, Founder & CEO of BlueSky Inventions. Interestingly, BlueSky Inventions has years of R&D experience in mobile OS technology such as Android, Linux, and Web platform which covers the operating system kernel, BSP, driver, framework, protocol stack, multimedia, applications, tools, and security technology etc. Excerpts:

There are already a number of mobile browser apps in India. Where does the Venus Browser fit and what makes it special?

Venus Browser is based on a lightweight custom platform which offers all top apps, services and browser capabilities in less than 5MB. We are one of the first browsers offering hyperlocal content in regional languages with a simplified UI (User Interface) for non-mature internet and smartphone users. We offer a market place for app ecosystem to reach larger user base by addressing discoverability and preload limitation of free memory on bulk of smartphone users.

Since Venus Browser is designed to cater to the growing demand for regional content, how much space does it consume in a smartphone and how does it influence the browsing experience?

Venus Browser has an app size of less than 5MB that makes it easy to install on any RAM configuration starting 512MB which is the required market standard. More than 60% of smartphones in India are under $100 retail price and come with 1GB RAM or lower.

With its lightweight, hyperlocal packaging and simplified UX, Venus Browser will give a seamless browsing experience like never before especially in terms of accessibility to hyper-regional content which is going to change the entire landscape of browsing in India.

What is the common user behavior of Indians while browsing the internet in India and how much time did you take to research it before launching the new browser?

With 76% of rural India and 66% of urban India already consuming content in regional languages, it was obvious that there was a need for a browser app that caters to this huge demand in the market. We did not feel the need to waste much time on research because there were a clear demand and supply gap. So, keeping in mind the user behavior of Indians, we have created a browser from ground-up to solve three fundamental consumer problem slow memory, data & battery issues, app discovery, & hyperlocal content.

As for user behavior, privacy and security is currently the ‘hot topic’ in the entire digital ecosystem and not just in India but across the globe. However, for all our Indian consumers out there we do not have an on boarding process which most apps have and collect user data like email, mobile etc. Our platform is completely anonymous, and no personal data is captured or used on the browser directly by us.

How many downloads Venus Browser has garnered and what is its rating at the Google Playstore?

Till date, the browser has already garnered over 60,000 downloads and has a Google Playstore rating of 4.6 which we feel is a pretty good rating for a new browser app. However our browser is also being reloaded across multiple OEMs in India and we are over 500K users today.

Can you please tell us about the market traction Venus Browser has achieved and the names of mobile device companies you have collaborated with?

Venus Browser has found considerable market traction as a comparatively new browser app. Several leading Indian and global mobile device manufacturers have pre-loaded Venus Browser as part of their consumer offering strategy.

What is your strategy to deal with challenges and gain a strong foothold in India which is a test-bed for many companies to set up shops?

We are the first Indian browser solution to provide hyperlocal content covering major Indian states considering complex demographics of 29 states and 23 languages. Venus Browser enables essential services on the go to the users. It is designed and crafted keeping in mind key characteristics and behaviors of a majority of Indian consumers. We truly believe that Venus Browser will be a game changer and a market disruptor when it comes to mobile browsers in the Indian market.

Do you have any plan to make it global? If yes, which country will be your top choice to do the business?

Yes, we have plans to go global soon and add other key features to improve our user experience and engagement. While it is too early for us to say anything about it, we are hopeful that wherever we go, Venus Browser will become a-one place for all engagement for smartphone users looking for regional content.

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