/Capt. Chanpreet Singh, Country CEO and Managing Director, Yuho Mobile

Capt. Chanpreet Singh, Country CEO and Managing Director, Yuho Mobile

Chanpreet Singh
“Our own manufacturing in China, Indonesia and India will always be an advantage”

Indian mobile market has a new player working hard to create an impact among the buyers and the competitors called the Yuho Mobile,which is from the house of one of the largest mobile phone manufacturing OEM from China, UCT. It is going to bring features like Notch Display, 4G Dual VoLTE, Front and Back Bokeh mode camera and many more at an unbelievable price offering for Indian buyers. Capt. Chanpreet Singh, Country CEO and Managing Director of Yuho Mobile shared his thoughts on the company’s strategies, expansion and aim with Haider Ali Khan as how it wants to explore the untouched areas. Excerpts:

Why Yuho Mobile when India is already a crowded market for smartphones? Where do you see the potential for you that have been left untouched?

The entire smartphone ecosystem can we be divided into 3 parts:

  • The high-end which is expensive – people desire best of the experience
  • The middle-zone which offers a mix of an exciting product feature and affordable to a larger set
  • The Entry level segment –  where smartphone specific knowledge is not democratic and price sensitivity is too high. Hence, it is often the case that any new high-end feature reaches them too late.

With Yuho Smartphones we want to democratize the technology in its true sense. We are bringing high-end features like Notch Display, First-In-Class 4G Dual VoLTE, Front and Back Bokeh mode camera and many more at an unbelievable price offering. We are here to make our mark in entry-level price bracket but with the finest smartphone experience in the class. We want to truly make the latest technology to all in the shortest possible time.

Being a startup mobile company in India needs a lot of attention both online and offline. What would be the strategy of Yuho Mobile to reach the untouched and unexplored corners of India?

Yuho Smartphones is relatively a young brand. However, the team comprises of extremely experienced personnel who have their majority of experience working with Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets. As part of our distribution strategy, we are building the brand with Tier 4 to Tier 1 approach. True to our vision, we are operational in some of the remotest areas of the country where large brands are missing. It’s quite clear that those are not priority areas for the big brand. Our inclusive working is committed to taking smartphones to all those areas. Both our distribution and marketing approaches are aligned to the same purpose. Hence, you would find our advertisements more on regional channels.

What would be the price segment in which Yuho Mobile planning to cater?

Our focused price bracket is 6K to 10K per SKU.

You must be prepared for the fierce competition and price versus specification war in India? How will you combat this challenge?

Yuho Mobile Smartphone

What differentiates us from many others in our category is that Yuho is from the house of one of the largest mobile phone manufacturing OEM from China, called UCT. Our own manufacturing in China, Indonesia and India will always be an advantage. Being an original OEM also enables us to design and develop products in the shortest possible time.

You’ve set the revenue target of Rs 1,000 crore by 2020 but, you haven’t specified about the investments for it?

Additionally, we are in the process of increasing our capacity and also preparing to start PCBA production. Total outlay has been set at Rs 500 crore till 2020.

Customer service can be a make or break deal for any mobile company. How will you address the concerns going forward, if any and have you done any partnership to fulfill it?

Yuho Mobile

Keeping customers in mind we have been exclusively able to develop a unique hybrid model for effective after sales. The model ensures that the customer gets attended at the earliest. The L1/L2/ collection service points are outsourced whereas L3/L4 are COCO (company owned company operated). The in-house manufacturing and sourcing also helps us to provide the required spare parts on time and troubleshoot problems quickly. The service arm also helps develop data in order to improve products.

Yuho Mobile has been operational in India for last two years but hasn’t been able to make a mark among the audience. How do you wish to change the perception and make it an admired mobile brand?

We are in this game for the long run. This is not a race. It is very important to first develop the infrastructure, skill set and acumen to handle all things related to local manufacturing. We are also giving enough time to the channel to develop trust on our working processes and products. Once these are done, it will be easier to scale up quickly.

Do you have plans to enter the feature phone segment, accessories or TV market?

Our core expertise as an OEM is exclusively in smartphone manufacturing. We are structured to make smartphones of any specifications. Hence, we are focused only on smartphones and want to achieve about a 1.5 % share in the smartphone market in India.

Does Yuho Mobile need a brand ambassador to endorse it?

Driven by our local-first approach, we are working on a regional level multi-brand ambassador plan. For Yuho Smartphones to become a community name, we shall lead-in with a local community first approach and hence, the plan for regional ambassadors.

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