/ZinQ sells over 2 lakh power banks last year

ZinQ sells over 2 lakh power banks last year

ZinQ power bank

Lifestyle gadgets and accessories startup ZinQ Technologies has sold over 2 lakh power banks in India since its inception in 2019. After selling an average of 1,000 power banks per day over the last year, ZinQ has emerged as one of the fastest-growing consumer tech brands in India, it claimed.

Portable power banks seem to be the gadget of choice for the youth of today. It is a must-have item in daily life, especially for millennials who use their mobile phones excessively. ZinQ Technologies power banks have a long-lasting life with 20,000mAh batteries and are so sleek that they can be easily carried on hikes, trekking, office, college, etc.

Arnav Mutneja, Founder, ZinQ Technologies, said, “We anticipated the demand and were assured that our products would be welcomed in the market because of their looks and durability but the overwhelming sales came as a surprise to us. We have witnessed a significant demand for power banks in the past year, as the trend of work from home has pushed the customers to invest more in smart accessories. We are looking forward to higher demand for our other products also.”

The online-only brand, ZinQ has a huge range of consumer tech products in India. This includes cooling pads, headphones, mouse, keyboard, speakers, UPS, etc. ZinQ is also gearing up to launch two new power banks in India. Meanwhile, the company has also highlighted that it sells over 75,000 units of IT gadgets and mobile accessories every month with 2500 units sold every day.

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