/WittyFeed consolidates India business, launches ‘CatchUp’ social infotainment platform

WittyFeed consolidates India business, launches ‘CatchUp’ social infotainment platform

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New age media platform WittyFeed has launched ‘CatchUp’, a social infotainment startup that will give users the opportunity to stay on top of trends online via an audio-visual format. An essential offering of CatchUp is that the media-rich content is served to the user in nuggets of (3 sec – 3 mins), making the platform first-of-its-kind in India.

In the midst of changing algorithms of social media platforms affecting the future of digital publishing every day, the company believes that new platforms will emerge by innovating on format and monetization methods for publishers. Following the same reason, WittyFeed also decided to consolidate its India business in the new platform, it said.

Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO, CatchUp, said, “While building nine successful global digital media brands including WittyFeed over last four years, we realized that users’ content consumption behaviour has shifted majorly. Mobile devices allow users to consume content at their comfort and keep up with what’s happening around them. My Time has become the new Prime Time.”

“With so much clutter that exists on new age UGC platforms, there is a space that exists for PGC led UGC platform that delivers personalized content experiences while also allowing the user to express themselves. We are looking forward to solving these inefficiencies with our new platform- CatchUp,” Singhal added.

The average attention span of today’s internet user has gone to an all-time low; they prefer micro-consumption over long-form content. Voice and video are the new content drivers. The trends show that they consume content in local language (vernacular) more than in other languages.

The content on CatchUp is curated from various publishers in different categories such as Bollywood, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness and Social Media etc. CatchUp delivers a unique personalized experience for users (backed by proprietary algorithms) to kill FOMO and keep up with the latest and happening things on the internet in the form of updates throughout the day.

Some of the interesting channels on CatchUp are Social Media Today, Politics Today, FoodMate, Sports Today, Adbhut India, Bhasad, InnerVoice, KuVichar, Science and Tech, etc.

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