/Vuram develops web-platform to track oxygen availability across India

Vuram develops web-platform to track oxygen availability across India

Vuram OxygenHall

To aid the ongoing crisis on oxygen availability, hyperautomation services company Vuram through its CSR initiative has built a platform called OxygenHall where people in need of oxygen can search for the contact information of oxygen suppliers in their locality and directly get in touch with them.

“People spend a lot of time talking to so many oxygen suppliers before finding an option that works. Through this initiative, we plan to save some critical time in this process, possibly the difference between life and death. Since the platform runs on validated information provided by people, we request everyone, especially oxygen suppliers to share the updated information to the website,” said Venkatesh Ramarathinam, CEO, Vuram.

During the first wave of COVID-19, Vuram Foundation, the CSR wing of the company, launched thehumane.shop – a platform to help people in ordering their essential needs online and getting them delivered at their doorsteps – and nocovid.world – a COVID tracker platform.

On OxygenHall, data on oxygen availability will be available in real time connecting the people in need with the suppliers who can provide. Any feedback can be submitted to the site directly. Oxygen supplier/provider can share their contact details and availability to https://oxygenhall.in

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