Vodafone Campus Survival Kit returns Bigger and Better

Vodafone Campus Survival Kit

It’s the beginning of a new academic year, and college students in Delhi are gearing up for one more exciting and challenging chapter of life. For every college going student, the one element that tops their list of priorities, is balancing expenses with the limited funds at hand. The mobile phone being the critical lifeline to remain constantly connected with friends on social media, streaming videos, shopping, over the top streaming service, games, news and a lot more, telecom operator Vodafone presents the Vodafone Campus Survival Kit, an all in one smart solution building in the best in value tariff plan plus a gamut of daily campus survival hacks.

College students aged 18-24 are perennially trying to walk the tightrope act with limited budgets/allowances at their disposal and look out for maximum value offers. The Vodafone Campus Survival Kit has been devised as a one-stop pocket-friendly solution that keeps users connected 24 x7 as well as gifts them customized discounts and freebies.

As a part of Vodafone Campus Survival, customers can open MyVodafone App on their mobile phones and shake their phone on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to get special vouchers on food, beverages, lifestyle and entertainment from popular brands like Baskin Robbins, Myntra, Pizza Hut, Lakme etc.

A series of fun yet pocket-friendly tips for college life, Vodafone #SortedHai campaign highlighting the benefits of Vodafone Campus Survival Kit, is inspired by a commonly used hook phrase amongst youth. As a part of this year’s campaign, Vodafone has roped in ‘SortCut Gurus’ from colleges across Delhi and NCR. These ‘SortCut Gurus’ will ‘advise’ collegians with special tips and hacks to help them tide through college life. ‘SortCut Gurus’ will be available for person to person interaction with students at their colleges, as well as post their tips on Facebook and Instagram under #SortedHai.

Avneesh Khosla, Associate Director, Consumer Business, Vodafone India, said, “Each year of college life brings with it a whole new world of opportunities and experiences for young students. While on one side they have the advantage of a relatively new sense of freedom to explore these opportunities, the issue of limited allowances can be a dampener to making the most of college life. This year’s #SortedHai campaign seeks to engage with youth aged 18-24 on how the Vodafone Campus Survival Kit helps students get the best deals in calling, mobile internet, SMS and a host of non-telecom offerings like shopping, food and entertainment. We have conceptualized Vodafone Campus Survival Kit as a one-stop solution that empowers students to sail through college life without compromising.”

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