/UNISOC passes TMMi Level 5 certification

UNISOC passes TMMi Level 5 certification


UNISOC has recently officially obtained the Level 5 certification, the highest level of software Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) recognized by the international TMMi organization, becoming the first cell phone chip design company in the world to pass this certification.

UNISOC participated in 16 process areas (PA) items of TMMi Level 5 certification, all fully achieved. Receiving TMMi Level 5 certification marks that UNISOC has stepped up to a new level in testing risk assessment mechanism, testing process quantitative management, defect prevention mechanism, and other aspects. This further makes UNISOC’s testing capabilities match up to the international top level.

Since 2019, UNISOC has carried out a comprehensive management reform, established a scientific decision-making mechanism, introduced Integrated Product Development (IPD), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi), and other advanced scientific management processes in the industry, as well as determined the capability baseline and quality benchmark of internal R&D, making the decision-making and evaluation of R&D more scientific and measurable.

Through two years of effective reform, UNISOC became the first cell phone chip design company in the world to win both TMMi Level 5 and CMMI Level 4 dual certification. TMMi Level 5 certification marks not only UNISOC’s another important breakthrough in R&D and quality process management but also a concrete step of the enterprise management system from “orderly” to “efficient”.

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