Truecaller’s safety app Guardians crosses 1 million downloads


Personal safety app Guardians, from the house of Truecaller, has achieved a milestone of1 million downloads worldwide, with India accounting for 60% of the total. The app was launched in March this year and is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Guardians now supports multiple languages including Hindi, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian. The app has received 4.5 stars rating on Google Play Store and is also typically amongst the top 10 apps in the Maps and Navigation category.

Features to look out for

Satellite view: Users can now turn on satellite view and see a real map of Earth along with accurate topographical details. Just like the default map view, satellite imagery is also provided by Google. Users can switch between satellite and default views from Profile > Advanced.

Location-based alerts: With this feature, the app will allow users to mark their most frequent places like their home, school or workplace. These locations can be their safe space and whenever someone moves out of this ‘safe’ place, the Guardians can be notified of the same.

In the next few updates to the app, users will be allowed to automate things too, such as automatically start location sharing when one leaves home, thus further saving the battery, said the company in a statement.

Activity-based alerts: This feature is opt-in, so users will have to specifically enable it if they want to use it. Activity-based alerts are based on your activity and use Android’s Activity Recognition API. The Guardians app will soon be able to trigger and send notifications when you start walking or driving. It will also be able to trigger sharing of alerts based on speed, such as when you start walking/running or driving faster than 50km/h.

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