/Mobile ads influence 70% of Indians in their buying decisions: Survey

Mobile ads influence 70% of Indians in their buying decisions: Survey

MoMagic Survey

Mobile advertising in India has been making major inroads in the past couple of years and 70 per cent of mobile phone users agree that they were influenced in their buying decisions after seeing a video or a text ad, as per the survey on Mobile Advertising & End User Trends in India- 2019.

The survey by MoMAGIC on mChamp entertainment, a free to play trivia app with exciting prizes to win, was conducted for over a period of 2 months with around 4,749 respondents (unique numbers) participating across India. Survey insights help understand better on preferences and mindset of Indian consumers vis-à-vis mobile advertising in India.

The survey suggests that 89 per cent of the respondents replied in the affirmative to the question of seeing an ad on mobiles phones in the recent past, indicating the reach of mobile advertising in India.

Arun Gupta, MoMagic

“Mobile advertising is becoming more and more mainstream with a significant number of Indian consumers viewing ads on their mobile phones. We believe new and exciting ways of user experience will be the deciding factor for the success of any mobile advertising campaign, other than the content and localization. Video ads, with the regionalized approach, would gain more traction, ensuring better engagement right call to action,” said Arun Gupta, CEO and Founder MoMAGIC Technologies.

The survey further showed that 24 per cent of Indians have seen maximum ads, text/video, on their mobile phones on popular social media sites followed by mobile games and e-commerce apps/sites at 14 per cent.


With video consumption on mobile phones at an all-time high and still growing at a breath-taking pace, 10 per cent of the respondents also saw ads on video aggregator/creators apps and website on their mobile phones.

A new trend among video content is the vertical format. 35 per cent of the respondents stated that they prefer to watch video ads in a vertical format whereas 58per cent still prefer to watch horizontally.

Most of the respondents surveyed, were not happy with the user experience of mobile ads currently they see. 72 per cent of the respondents are looking for better user experience for mobile ads. (Chart 5)

Indian language Punjabi has seen maximum traction among major Indian regional languages with 17per cent of the respondents stating to see ads in the Punjabi language the most, as per the survey conducted among mobile phone users. Bengali came at second position with 9per cent followed by Telugu and Marathi at 7 per cent. Mobile ads in Urdu were at just 2 per cent.

The survey question was intended for major vernacular language mobile ads sans English and Hindi. 51per cent of the respondents chose others as their answer (Due to the plethora of other regional languages in India). In the scope of this survey, only 6 languages were chosen.

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