/Stuffcool Centurion, a 100W 4 port charging station launched in India

Stuffcool Centurion, a 100W 4 port charging station launched in India

Stuffcool Centurion

Tech accessory brand Stuffcool has launched its latest 100W desk charging station called Centurion, which is equipped with 2 power delivery-enabled Type-C ports, and 2 Universal Fast Charging Type-A ports that can fast charge any and every personal device you own.

The Stuffcool Centurion is able to provide 100W of output from a single Type-C port, ideal for the new Macbook Pro 16-inch that requires 96W of power for efficient charging. The Centurion is a one stop solution to charge multiple personal devices without having to carry multiple chargers.

The Centurion is equipped with an auto-detect IC that intelligently allocates power depending on the device’s requirement. It is also equipped with intelligent 6 layers of protection to protect your devices from irregular heating and unwanted damage. The Centurion is also BIS approved.

As discussed above, the total power output is 100W that is divided smartly to each connected device. For instance, the new Macbook Pro 13-inch M1 series requires 61W of power, once connected, there will be almost 40W of power still available for your other devices.

The Centurion is also compatible with all fast-charging protocols other than power delivery such as Samsung AFC, Oppo/Vivo VOOC, OnePlus Dash, Huawei SuperCharge, MotoTurboCharge. It can also charge latest Type-C laptops/Ultrabooks, DSLR cameras and even Nintendo Switch gaming console.

The Centurion desk charging station retails at Rs 6,999 and is available at leading offline stores, Amazon and stuffcool.com. There is a special launch price for Rs 5,999 on Amazon India and the company’s website.

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