Samsung evolves as the biggest chipmaker, surpassing Intel


Samsung leads the chip market, seizing away Intel’s throne

Defeating the arguable leader in chip manufacturing- Intel, South Korean tech major Samsung is now swaying the segment, as witnessed by the company’s annual revenue report.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung recorded total revenue rated at $69 billion in its semiconductor division, while Intel’s annual revenue is $63 billion, which is around $6 billion behind, in 2017.

Additionally, despite Samsung winning over Intel’s decades-long position, the latter was able to record a growth of six per cent in 2017.

For those who don’t know, Intel made an exit from the chip market back in the 1960’s after receiving a tough competition from various Japanese contenders. The company recently re-entered the arena, which Samsung is dominating producing high-end components. Furthermore, Samsung is under a contract with Qualcomm Inc. for chip manufacturing.

To recall, Intel’s recent incident of chipset bugs- Meltdown and Spectre, which affected most of the computers and smartphones, are likely to contribute to Intel in Quarter 1, 2018.

While Intel is doing well in the chip market, it still has a lot to do to in order to regain the lost position.

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