/Realme introduces new UI with refined icons, wallpapers, and animation

Realme introduces new UI with refined icons, wallpapers, and animation

realme UI

Realme has launched its new UI aiming at the preferences and aesthetics of young consumers designed in terms of system colors, icons, wallpapers, and animation.

realme UI also introduced icon customization function. Not only the shape and size of the icons can be customized, but the internal graphic size of the icons can also be changed, whether it is square or round, large or small.

In line with the vibrant app icons, realme UI also brings 11 new wallpapers inspired by natural elements which are indeed a perfect match for its color scheme.

In terms of system animation, realme UI is equipped with quantum animation engine, which improves the screen fluency.

It follows the latest Android 10, a system with light, fast, and power saving features, has been further optimized in terms of fluency, power consumption and performance.

realme UI also aims to further protect user privacy as compared to older versions of Android, and changes the way your apps can access your personal information. By turning on “Personal Information Protection” in realmeUI, the system will provide empty information pages when the apps are requesting to access the user’s personal information. This ensures your call history, contacts, messages, or schedule stay private, and prevents any realme information leakage.

realme hopes to bring a better experience to the previous users, with all available devices receiving realme UI updates. Both new and previous users will get a refined feeling.

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