/Phone heating up? Tips to save your smartphone from overheating

Phone heating up? Tips to save your smartphone from overheating

Phone overheating

All technology is prone to the occasional malfunction, your mobile phone included. And these days, overheating seems like a common problem with smartphones but not many people know what to do about it. Apart from the fact that the smartphone gets tough to hold, overheating also causes damage to the handset itself. Some people may choose to grin and bear the difficulties this brings or go without using their handset. There is no need to do that though as it’s quite easy to keep your device cool or at on appropriate temperature without putting it down. Here’s some advice on what you can do to save your phone from overheating and feel the difference for yourself.

Close background apps

Let’s start with something that may not come to our notice easily because the number of apps running in the background is something that majority of us tend to ignore. These unused apps running in the background cause the phone to work harder, thus putting a strain and heating the hardware. It is recommended to close these apps from the background if you are not working on any of them. If you don’t maintain this, the apps will continue to run in the background, and the device will heat up. After you are done using an app, make sure to exit it and restrict auto-start if your device allows such controls.

Use good case

After you get a brand new smartphone, investing in a good case for the same should be the first thing to do. A good mobile cover is important for your smartphone’s physical protection and also its temperature. Buy a case that will ensure that your phone gets the needed air to remain cool instead of choosing a bulky or leather cover as they tend to trap the heat inside. Invest in a high quality mobile case that will give your phone a cooler look while keeping it cool.

Charge properly

If you want your smartphone to stay cool and maintain its battery life, ensure to charge it properly. This involves a few basic things like – don’t use the phone or keep it covered while charging, etc. Also, keep your device on a hard surface while charging it instead of on a cushion or bed which absorb heat. Not only this, a duplicate or cheap charger and USB are also responsible for heating up the phone. Chargers with different wattage too heat up the devices to some extent. Also, there is a risk of slow charging and damage of battery to the explosion.

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Turn off unnecessary settings

It’s no secret that mobile data, high brightness, Bluetooth and GPS take a toll on the battery of your device, which can lead to overheating. If the battery is being overused it has to offer the device with more power to sustain these wireless services and doing it continuously shoots its temperature up. Along with these, Wi-Fi, Google Maps and other similar apps too tends to use up battery. To avoid this, always remember to turn energy-draining settings off to preserve the energy of your smartphone and avoid overheating.

Use an anti-virus app

Apps or software are not the only thing that use the resources of your device, malware and viruses do this as well. These notorious apps keep consuming resources in the background and prevent your device from taking a break. Using anti-virus app is one of the best ways to protect your device from overheating as well as from data and security breaches. Install a good anti-malware software to ensure your phone is safe and does not have viruses keeping it hot.

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