Now send video messages on Google Duo

For situations when you make a video call and the receiver is unable to pick up, Google has introduced the video message feature to its video calling platform Google Duo.

Google, in its blog post said, “Sometimes, your mom isn’t free for a video call at the moment you’re trying to show off your culinary masterpiece. The same goes when you’re trying to catch your best friend to rave about your favorite basketball team’s recent win. But even if they miss your call, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about. Beginning today on Google Duo, you can leave a video message when the person you’re calling can’t pick up.

In case the person you are video calling doesn’t receive it, you can simply capture a video or an audio message (for up to 30 seconds) and once satisfied, can send the message to the desired person. The recipient can view the video message by tapping on the sender’s icon.

Additionally, the video messages (which are end-to-end encrypted) have a lifeline of 24 hours, much like Stories on platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. However, you can save the video messages you wish to in your camera roll.

The video messages feature has begun rolling out to the Android and iOS users.

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