Now group chat on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook’s Messenger app has received a new update which is resulted in the addition of support for group video and voice calling.

Facebook, in a press release said, “Let’s say you’re chatting with your mom on a video call in Messenger to wish her happy birthday, and you want to add your sister and brother in to join the fun — we just made it super easy. We’re excited to share a small new feature that will hopefully have a big impact to make your video and audio chats easier and faster than ever. In Messenger, you can chat with one person or a group of people.

fb massanger

In order to add multiple people to your video or audio call, you need to tap the ‘+’ icon and the desired person gets added to the call, or you can start a new chat altogether with your favourite people. Additionally, you can add the filters and effects to the group calling, and once the group video or audio call ends, a group chat automatically gets created for such future chats.


The new feature to add multiple people to your chats is now available to download via Google Play Store and the App Store.

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