/Now book hotels and flight from Google Search

Now book hotels and flight from Google Search


Making Google Search more convenient is the new ability to search for hotels and flights right from the search results.

Google, in its blog post said, “Planning a trip involves lots of searching for flights, hotels, things to do, itineraries and more. The process is often cumbersome because we have to use multiple tools to gather everything we need—especially on a mobile phone. We’re evolving the way our hotel search works on smartphones to help users explore options and make decisions on their smallest screens.”


The new ability will let users gain a better idea of the best prices, best hotels and better travel options via Google Search. Users will be able to look for hotels while he or she looks for a flight using Google Flights by tapping the Hotels option at the top for the users to look for best options on entering the desired dates and destination, and vice versa.

Additionally, users will be able to know more (such as hotels, flights, and other destination options) while searching for a particular place. Google’s new Your Tips option lists all the user’s past and future travel reservations from Gmail which can also be shared and edited.

The new features have started rolling out for the Android and iOS users.

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