/Noise introduces watch faces dedicated to Tokyo 2020 Olympians

Noise introduces watch faces dedicated to Tokyo 2020 Olympians

Noise introduces watch faces dedicated to Tokyo 2020 Olympians

Noise has launched its new campaign ‘Pulse of the Nation’, to celebrate the spirit of India’s sporting glory and that of Independence Day. As part of the campaign, the brand has introduced a series of limited-edition watch faces that feature, select athletes who represented the nation at the Olympics Tokyo 2020 along with some watch faces that celebrate India’s pride and growth. With this campaign, the brand aims to celebrate the nation and the true and undying spirit of Indian athletes who despite obstacles, displayed excellence and persistence with their remarkable performances.

Renowned athletes from the Indian Men’s Hockey team, and varied sports including, Boxing, Wrestling and Shooting will be a part of Noise’s newly launched campaign – ‘Pulse of the Nation’. Noisemakers can choose their favourite Olympian of the season and make them a part of their fitness journey by having their faces on their wrists. The watch faces launched under ‘Pulse of the Nation’ will be active for 45 days for users to download. It introduced under the campaign can be downloaded from NoiseFit App and will be available on select smartwatches of Noise including, ColorFit Pro2, ColorFit Pro2 Oxy, ColorFit Pro3, ColorFit Pro3 Assist, ColorFit Ultra, and Noise Pulse.

Utsav Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Noise, said, “As a nation, we are extremely proud of our athletes who brought home more than just medals this year, they brought glory! We are excited to celebrate their fervour and commitment to achieve the best with our special limited-edition watch faces as part of our campaign, ‘Pulse of the Nation’. As a brand, we have always supported the athletic spirit through our campaigns, and we have been actively connecting with athletes to share their story of grit, resilience and achievement on Noise’s platforms. We believe that there isn’t a better day to honour the country’s athletic glory. The synergy of the campaign aims to salute the country in its true Independence Day splendour while inspiring the aspirational Noisemakers who are motivated towards fitness, health, and wellness.”

The brand’s technologically driven smart wearables are a testament to its commitment to health and fitness. Noise aims to further its dedication towards holistic wellness by acquainting its users with real heroes who are the epitome of consistency, persistence, and hard work when it comes to fitness.

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